Why can't I figure this girl out?!  Feeling a little like Ted Mosby here…


Why can't I figure this girl out?! Feeling a little like Ted Mosby here…

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    April 10, 2014 at 1:57 pm #50898
    Why can't I figure this girl out?! Feeling a little like Ted Mosby here…

    Was visiting my home town this past weekend. Friday I met a girl that I immediately had the strongest connection I’ve ever felt in my life. We talked for hours that night, within moments we were sitting eye to eye, touching, staring directly into each other’s eyes. It was electric. She invited me over, and on the way I was thinking that, even though it sounds crazy and we live in different cities, I could marry this girl. I just broke up with someone because I don’t believe in marriage! We talk for more hours at her place, make out, she stops me from going further, we fall asleep. The next morning we talk more, the connection is still there and, to my surprise, we end up having sex for hours. She invites me to a party that night, but when I show up… She basically ignores me. I leave and text her that I had a great time, but wished things were different. She apologizes the next morning and makes excuses that she wasn’t ignoring me, and didn’t mean to offend.

    April 10, 2014 at 2:09 pm #50899

    I thought that would be the end, but then in the afternoon she invites me for coffee. I agree to go, we talk for hours. She then invites me to dinner, then a work party, then an after party… At the after party she seems to alternate between standoff-ish and very into me. It’s hard to read. We leave at 11pm, and I say I’m leaving the next morning to travel back to my city, and would love to go back to her place. She says she wishes she could, but is too tired. We’ve since then texted a bit, but I’ve tried over the last couple of days to forget about it because I just can’t stop thinking about that first night and the connection we had. It’s sadder than most break ups I’ve had! What do I do? Should I keep up contact in the hopes that maybe we’ll see each other again? I’m going back to her city next weekend (I have family there). Should I reference that first night and try to gauge if she felt the connection I did? She said she did that night, but her actions have not.

    April 10, 2014 at 5:15 pm #50953