Why Do Women Give Out Their Number When Not Interested?


Why Do Women Give Out Their Number When Not Interested?

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    March 21, 2018 at 11:39 am #168034
    Why Do Women Give Out Their Number When Not Interested?

    I reviewed the 21 pages of threads for a post entitled, “Why in the **** do girls give out their number if they’re not really interested?!” on another forum. What is interesting is that most of the replies ignored the main issue that the woman instigated giving out her name and number and not the man. Then the woman went dark and no one had a coherent explanation. The post at lovesick, “One thing I’ve been noticing increasingly is the practice of girls giving you their phone number and then just not answering the phone, not answering text messages, and/or acting like the person on the other end is not alive,” talked about the same issue. Reviewing the 21 pages of threads and the post at lovesick I found a number of people taking about an ego boost and a game. The thread had a number of coherent replies to the situation indicating it was a game looking for attention. <more>

    March 21, 2018 at 11:41 am #168035

    My issue is that it is hard to get your head around how irresponsible and dangerous it is to give out your number (even without your name) to a stranger that you know nothing about. The risk that he will go postal from the rejection is very real putting a woman in real danger. Could an ego boost be the real explanation. I have three interesting stories that I will post as replies to this thread. Case 1: I would like to share three stories where something similar happened to me that until I found the thread was completely mystified. I am an attractive 63 year old male (at least according to the women who gave me their number and went out with me) and for the record until six months ago this had never happened to me.
    Six months ago I met a 70 year old woman who was so hot I didn’t care if she was older than me. <more case 1>

    March 22, 2018 at 8:54 am #168036

    More case 1: Things were going well until I made a comment about Trump and to my surprise found out she was a Trumpster. It took another 10 minutes before she agreed that she might let the Trump thing go and we kept talking until it was time to leave. At least three times on the way back to her car she kept saying “aren’t you going to ask me for my phone number? Of course I wanted it and before she got in her car I was thinking about kissing her. I waited a few days and called. No answer. I left a message no response. Finally I used my spoof card and called from a number she recognized and she answered. Her response was that she was in a relationship and had no explanation for why she kept asking me to get her number. Case 2: 3 months ago I met the hottest women who didn’t even look 35 (turns out she was 43) and got a date with her right away. She was all over me wanting to know if I had a date for new years eve. <more case 2>

    April 8, 2018 at 8:51 pm #169911

    There are a variety of reasons why a woman might give out her phone number.
    She may have been “feeling you” in that moment and upon later reflection decided she made a mistake.
    This is especially true if alcohol was being consumed.
    Sometimes women give out their number just to be “nice”.
    Some women have even gone out on dates with men they had (no romantic interest) in!

    Men have also been known to ask women for their phone numbers while having no intention of calling them.
    An example might be two people who meet in a nightclub and end up spending the night together.
    The following day the guy asks her for a phone number just before she exits his car.
    Maybe he did so because he didn’t want her to “feel bad” or “feel used”.

    Either way both women and men have been known to make misleading gestures.
    Learning to recognize when you’re being rejected early and moving on is the key.
    Persistently reaching out or obsessing with trying to “figure it out” is a waste.