Woman needs alone time and is stressed due to kids….


Woman needs alone time and is stressed due to kids….

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    April 20, 2016 at 11:04 am #98209
    Woman needs alone time and is stressed due to kids….

    My g.f is a single mom, taking care of two kids and is super busy. In the past I wanted all of her time, but I now realize the time she needs to be alone. Now, when I see see she is in the middle of something I will simply giver her space. Maybe watch tv, go outside with the kids, bike riding, etc I did not do this in the past, but I do now as I totally understand her point.

    However, last week when she was in the other room on the computer, and I was watching tv two rooms away, she approached me and asked me to turn the tv off and leave the room as she needed alone time? I asked if she was serious and said I have been sitting here by myself – Her in another room. She stated that I still so not understand her need for alone time, and I should leave the room so she can be alone. I was pretty hurt by this.

    Do you all think her action was based on alone time or simply not wanting me there? Am I wrong to be hurt by being told to leave a room so she could be there alone?

    April 20, 2016 at 1:16 pm #98214

    Well you should feel hurt because you were in a room away from her and she comes in and tells you to go and leave the room? Are you guys living together or or you just over there visiting her? I would be hurt and just ask her why she did that when you were not even in the same room…

    April 20, 2016 at 1:30 pm #98218

    Hi CT.

    We are not living together but I usually spend the weekend with her. I would be over more often, but that is when the “space and time issue” arose. To be fair, I was underfoot and wanted to spend more time with her than she had. But when I realized the kids are always underfoot I understood, and gave her the space she needed.

    I did ask here why she asked me to leave and the answer was ‘I do not understand what it means by giving her more space?” Even though I am not physically with her at any given moment, she knows I want to be with her. So when I am there she is stressed that I am upset when she is busy and not with me. I assured her that is not the case. So I am at a loss at this point.