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Dating mistakes are not unique to gay men. They are common across every gender and whatever sexual agenda you are coming from. We’ve all had the Homer Simpson “Doh” moment when you just slap your forehead and wish the ground would open up and swallow you. ...READ MORE »

The dating world is filled with pitfalls to sidestep, and these potential problems hardly disappear when you become an older woman. Instead, the dating problems you will encounter as an older woman are simply different than the problems you remember encountering as a younger woman. ...READ MORE »

Even nature’s most perfect creation — women — can take you to the depths of hell if you latch onto a bad one. Psycho women, gold diggers and opportunists are among the devil’s disciples that men need to look out for. ...READ MORE »

Dating and drinking go together like, well, a horse and carriage. But how much is too much for a man to drink on the first date? Does it really affect her impression of you? What if she’s drinking right along with you? What if you can handle your alcohol? ...READ MORE »

You’re on a date with this guy and he just seems a little off. You can’t tell if he’s socially awkward, on drugs or a combination of the two. It’s in your nature to give people the benefit of the doubt, so you push on ahead. ...READ MORE »