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If your man has cheated and you have decided to give him another chance, you must forgive and move forward immediately. Don’t obsess about how good she was in bed or if she did this or that to him, and don’t ask him any such questions. The answers will only hurt you and lead to further...READ MORE »

People are not perfect, and boyfriends are certainly no exception. Of course, you have higher standards for him than you have for anyone else. Some crimes are forgivable and some, perhaps, are not. A person can never "un-cheat," so once it’s done, it’s forever. ...READ MORE »

We’ve all known them. Women who put up with verbal abuse and sometimes even physical abuse. We wonder why they don’t respect themselves more. And with every new barb that we witness, we wonder why they don’t leave. ...READ MORE »

You’ve just had a fight with your boyfriend, eh? No matter who won, no matter if you proved your boyfriend wrong or he prevailed and ended up on top, both of you are probably feeling pretty lousy. ...READ MORE »