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While they may not represent the ideal relationship structure, a “friends with benefits” relationship may promote safer sex than traditional monogamous relationships - at least as far as condom use goes. ...READ MORE »

The number one ground rule for a woman in a "friends with benefits" situation is to pretend you are a man. Men are very good at separating the sexual act from feelings of intimacy and love, while women are more likely to feel an emotional bond with their physical lover. ...READ MORE »

In today’s highly sexualized culture, it seems as though everyone is indulging in lots of sex, with a side order of commitment or not. For some, an open relationship may sound appealing, especially to those who live in fear of divorce. For others, it just seems bizarre. ...READ MORE »

There is perhaps no grayer area of relationships than being friends with benefits. It may seem like the best of both worlds — all the fun and none of the commitment — but in reality, it's more often than not the result of compromise and desperation. ...READ MORE »