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There are a thousand good reasons why a woman might still be living at home with her parents. She might be furthering her education, helping with household expenses, caring for a parent or younger sibling, going through an employment transition or post-divorce readjustment, or maybe she just enjoys...READ MORE »

Introducing one of your dates to your family and friends is a big deal, and it is certainly worth getting excited about. After all, it isn’t that common you meet someone you want to actually get to know beyond date number two, let alone someone you want to actually bring around the people you care...READ MORE »

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents marks a momentous milestone in your relationship. Meeting your girlfriend’s parents sends a very clear signal that you take this woman seriously and that, even if you aren’t thinking about marriage right now, you are ready to start feeling like some small part...READ MORE »

When it comes to meeting a guy's parents, all I can think about is how stressful it is to watch any of the “Meet the Parents” movies. During the entire two hours, I’m screaming at the TV, “Focker, get out of there. I don’t care how much you love your girlfriend/fiance/wife, these people...READ MORE »

Father’s Day is right around the corner — June 17 to be exact. Guys, if you know what’s good for you, you’ll start thinking about what to get your girlfriend’s dad to celebrate the occasion. After all, he is the reason you have such an amazing and all around fabulous woman in your life. ...READ MORE »

He contributed half of the DNA and character-building for the man you love, so your boyfriend’s dad is probably a pretty cool dude. With Father’s Day right around the corner, you might want to honor him with a gift that will both show your appreciation and maybe even endear you to him a little...READ MORE »