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Lately it seems as though Americans are doing a whole lot of hooking up and cohabitating and a lot less tying the knot. Fewer couples are getting married, and those who do marry are doing so later. What’s going on? Has marriage become old-fashioned and out of date? ...READ MORE »

It seems to be the biggest dilemma in dating today. With no hard-and-fast social rules, men and women are on their own to determine when is the best time to introduce a physical component to their budding love relationship. ...READ MORE »

Since the sexual revolution of the 1960s, casual sex has become more accepted. You might blame too many glasses of wine for that one-time romp with that guy from the bar, or you can simply say that sometimes genitals speak louder than the brain and risky sexual scenarios prevail. ...READ MORE »

From hunter-gatherer days to the technological revolution, there hasn’t been drastic change in the way humans attract a date or a mate. Why have mating strategies been so consistent across centuries? Because evolution has driven to seek out specific traits in potential mates. ...READ MORE »

Grandma’s got a profile! And she’s no longer sitting home with a crochet project. Today, when seniors become widowed or divorced, they are more likely to be online looking for love. ...READ MORE »

It used to be assumed that everyone has doubts just before walking up the aisle. I mean, who wouldn’t get a bout of the shakes at a life change that involves every aspect of oneself - your home, your social life, your sex life and your money! But is nervousness about marriage a serious warning...READ MORE »

Today’s easy access to pornography is a far cry from seamy video stores on the outskirts of town of yesteryear. Men today need only a smartphone and a little privacy to satisfy their cravings for sexual stimuli. ...READ MORE »

This news might seem a bit surprising — Your nose may be a better boyfriend detector than your eyes and ears combined. According to researchers, a whiff of a lover’s pheromones sends biological data to the brain that indicates if you two could be a good long-term match. And, unlike your eyes and...READ MORE »