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Sean Garrity started working for in 2016. He has an extensive background in researching, writing, and editing on a wide range of topics for industry and consumer publications. Sean’s goal is to inform modern daters of the latest trends, technologies, and solutions that might help them meet their match. When he’s not behind a keyboard, you can probably find Sean outdoors camping, fishing, or skateboarding.

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Spotted by Locals — Guiding Couples to Unique Dates and Adventures at Destinations Across the Globe

Spotted by Locals Guides Couples to Unique Dates and Adventures Worldwide

By: Sean Garrity • 1/16/18

The Short Version: Vacationing in remote locales has become a popular exercise in relationship building, but not all...(read more)

The San Juan Islands — A Gorgeous Backdrop for Romantic Getaways & Destination Weddings in the Pacific Northwest

The San Juan Islands: A Romantic Backdrop for Getaways & Weddings

By: Sean Garrity • 12/21/17

The Short Version: In the watery distance between Seattle and Vancouver are the romantic and beautiful San Juan Islands....(read more)

The Exploratorium — A Museum Where Couples Can Share Their Mutual Love of Learning & Discover More About the World & Themselves

The Exploratorium: Where Couples Learn More About the World & Themselves

By: Sean Garrity • 12/12/17

The Short Version: More than just a museum, the Exploratorium is an ongoing celebration of science, art, and human...(read more)

Project 143: How the Elite Matchmaking Service is Creating Meaningful Dating Experiences for Asian Professionals in the United Kingdom

Project 143: Elite Matchmaking for Asian Professionals in the UK

By: Sean Garrity • 11/17/17

The Short Version: If you’re a career-minded Asian single with a demanding schedule, weeding through online dating...(read more)

Eastern European Matchmaker: Successfully Cultivating Long-Term Connections Between Czech Women & American Men

EE Matchmaker: Cultivating Relationships Between Czech Women & American Men

By: Sean Garrity • 11/6/17

The Short Version: The Czech Republic’s rich cultural history inspired by adventure and romance is attracting a...(read more)

VictoriyaClub: How the International Dating Site is Bringing Singles Together Across Continents With a Mission to Help Them Find Lasting Relationships

VictoriyaClub: Bringing Singles Together Across Continents

By: Sean Garrity • 11/2/17

The Short Version: Going abroad to find love is a growing trend among many Western men, but wading through language...(read more) — Creating Real Connections Between Greek Singles Around the World for 15 Years
ARTICLE Connecting Greek Singles Around the World for 15 Years

By: Sean Garrity • 9/15/17

The Short Version: In Greece, they say, "Παπούτσι από τον τόπο σου κι ας είναι...(read more)

Free Dating America™ — How the Zero-Cost Matchmaking Site is Changing the Ways People Connect Online

Free Dating America™ is Changing How People Connect Online

By: Sean Garrity • 9/5/17

The Short Version: Free Dating America is liberating daters in the US from fee-based, complicated online dating...(read more)

International Poster Gallery — More Than 10,000 Vintage Works of Art to Liven Up Your Home and Impress Your Date

International Poster Gallery Offers Works of Art to Liven Homes & Impress Dates

By: Sean Garrity • 9/1/17

The Short Version: Your home says a lot about who you are. That’s why it’s important to make sure your walls are...(read more)

Well+Good — A Storehouse of Resources to Help Singles and Couples Balance Healthy Living and Relationships in the Modern World

Well+Good™ Helps Singles & Couples Balance Healthy Living & Relationships

By: Sean Garrity • 8/24/17

The Short Version: Launched in 2010, Well+Good quickly gained traction as one of the web’s first and most popular...(read more)

Intego: The Mac Security Specialist Has Been Keeping Online Daters Safe From the Dangers of the Web for Two Decades

Intego: Keeping Online Daters Safe From the Dangers of the Web for Two Decades

By: Sean Garrity • 8/22/17

The Short Version: For two decades, Intego has been working to dispel the myths that Macs and Apple devices are immune...(read more) Helps Divorcing Couples Resolve and Learn From Conflicts With 15K+ Articles and a Vast Network of Professionals
ARTICLE — Helping Divorcing Couples Resolve & Learn From Conflicts

By: Sean Garrity • 8/7/17

The Short Version: Founded more than 20 years ago as a vehicle to connect professional mediators with individuals who...(read more)

The Trustees of Reservations: Join 100K+ Outdoor Lovers in New England to Help Celebrate & Preserve the Area’s Natural Charm

The Trustees of Reservations: Join Others to Celebrate New England’s Natural Beauty

By: Sean Garrity • 7/26/17

The Short Version: For more than a century, The Trustees of Reservations has been preserving the open spaces of...(read more)

Panda™ Keeps Online Daters and the Sites They Visit Safe in the Ever-Evolving Internet Threat Matrix

Panda Security Keeps Online Daters & Sites Safe in the Evolving Web Threat Matrix

By: Sean Garrity • 7/14/17

The Short Version: Online dating has seen almost exponential growth in popularity since the early days of the internet....(read more)

SawYouAtSinai: Personalized Matchmaking Services Connect Jewish Singles With Their Soulmates

SawYouAtSinai: Personalized Matchmaking Helps Jewish Singles Find Soulmates

By: Sean Garrity • 7/13/17

The Short Version: SawYouAtSinai operates with a simple, noble mission — to bring Jewish singles together with their...(read more)

Disability Match: A Vibrant Community Connecting UK Singles With Others Who Share Similar Life Challenges

Disability Match Connects UK Singles With Others Sharing Similar Life Challenges

By: Sean Garrity • 6/7/17

The Short Version: People with disabilities often have difficult conversations early on in the dating game -- sometimes...(read more)

Keep Your Dating Site Safe: RSA’s Threat Detection & Fraud Prevention Solutions Protect Client Data From Malicious Intent

RSA’s Online Security Solutions Keep Dating Sites & Client Data Safe

By: Sean Garrity • 5/3/17

The Short Version: Handing over personal and financial information to dating websites can be scary when considering some...(read more)

GetEducated’s Rankings of Online Colleges Help Aspiring Relationship & Family Therapists Pave Career Paths

GetEducated Helps Aspiring Relationship Therapists Pave Career Paths

By: Sean Garrity • 2/23/17

The Short Version: For nearly 20 years, GetEducated has been helping prospective students looking for online degree...(read more)

Silver Oak Winery’s Chef Orsini Has the Expertise to Help Daters Create Memorable Meals Paired With Food-Friendly Wines

Silver Oak Winery Can Help Daters Create Memorable Meals Together

By: Sean Garrity • 2/10/17

The Short Version: For more than 40 years, Silver Oak has been making food-friendly Cabernet Sauvignons that have been...(read more)

ACTIVE Network™ Provides Software Management & Marketing Advice for Dating Experts to Organize Boot Camps

ACTIVE Network: Software & Solutions for Dating Experts to Organize Boot Camps

By: Sean Garrity • 2/9/17

The Short Version: Events are great ways to engage with and provide educational resources for your clients. However,...(read more)

Art Museum of the Americas: Providing Spaces for Cultural Expression and Meeting Like-Minded People

Art Museum of the Americas: Spaces for Culture and Meeting Like-Minded People

By: Sean Garrity • 12/27/16

The Short Version: Through cutting-edge art, Art Museum of the Americas addresses issues impacting society and is the...(read more)

By Your Side in Your Golden Years: SeniorMatch Invites Singles Over 50 to Find Friendship & Romance Online

SeniorMatch Invites Singles Over 50 to Find Friendship & Romance

By: Sean Garrity • 11/17/16

The Short Version: is a go-to online dating destination where men and women over 50 can find like-minded...(read more)

Uniting People and Values Through Volunteering: GreatNonprofits™ Leads to Great Relationships

GreatNonprofits™ Unites People Through Volunteering

By: Sean Garrity • 9/6/16

The Short Version: Since 2005, GreatNonprofits has served as a powerful force connecting volunteers with thousands...(read more)