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Dr. Wendy Walsh
Dr. Wendy Walsh, Dating Expert

Known as America's Relationship Expert, Dr. Wendy Walsh is an award-winning television journalist, radio host & podcaster, and the author of three books on relationships and thousands of print and digital articles. More than 1.5 million people follow her sage advice on social media. She holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and teaches in the Psychology Department at California State University Channel Islands and has been the host of "The Dr. Wendy Walsh Show" on iHeart Radio's KFI AM 640 since 2015. Walsh is also a former Emmy-nominated co-host of "The Doctors," as well as former host of the nationally syndicated show "EXTRA." She was named a Time Magazine Person of the Year in 2017 after speaking out about harassment at a major news network.

Hunt Ethridge
Hunt Ethridge, Men's Dating Expert

Hunt Ethridge is the co-founder and CMO of the MatchmakingAcademy.com as well as senior advisor and board of directors at other firms. He has been featured in well over 100 media sources and currently "coach on record" for most of the top matchmaking firms in the U.S. and internationally. You can follow him on Instagram or Clubhouse.

Rachel Dack
Rachel Dack, Women's Dating Expert

Rachel Dack is a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC) and relationship coach specializing in individual and couples psychotherapy. Rachel's areas of expertise include relationships, dating, mindfulness, anxiety, depression and self-esteem.
Women's Advice | Rachel's Articles

Julie Spira
Julie Spira, Online Dating Expert

Julie Spira is a leading online dating expert and founder of CyberDatingExpert.com. She’s the bestselling author of The Perils of Cyber-Dating and creates irresistible profiles for singles.
Online Advice | Julie's Articles

Brian Rzepczynski
Brian Rzepczynski, Gay Dating Expert

Dr. Brian Rzecpzynski, known nationally as "The Gay Love Coach," specializes in helping gay daters develop relationship skills. His advice is featured weekly in our Gay Dating section.
Gay Dating | Brian's Articles

Pamela Gort
Pamela Gort, Lesbian Dating Expert

Using her warm, funny, direct coaching style, Pamela guides single lesbians to fall in love with themselves so they can attract and keep conscious, lasting, and loving relationships.

April Braswell
April Braswell, Senior Dating Expert

April is a dating expert, coach and professional profile writer for senior daters. Her articles have been published nationally, and she is the lead contributor in our Senior Dating section.
Senior Advice | April's Articles

Gina Stewart
Gina Stewart, Online Dating Consultant

Gina is a well-known online dating consultant, helping men and women maximize their online dating experiences to get more dates. She is a featured expert in our Online Dating section.
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