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Tamára Lunardo is a Contributing Editor at DatingAdvice.com. A former co-host of "The Wednesday Nooner" sex podcast and a public speaker on women’s and LGBTQ issues, Tamára is known for her humorous and forthright approach to personal topics, and her writing has appeared in relationship-focused publications including "Catalyst Wedding Magazine" and the book "What a Woman Is Worth." She brings her unique perspective to her work for DatingAdvice.com, parlaying over a decade of experience as a professional writer and editor to develop authoritative articles with the public’s interests in mind.

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“Is Tinder Gay Friendly?” What You Need to Know If You’re LGBTQIA+

Is Tinder Gay Friendly?

By: Tamára Lunardo • 12/21/15

Tinder — the popular dating app for the young, hot, and smartphone addicted — has made over 9 billion matches since...(read more)