2 Ways to Kiss a Lesbian and Turn Her On

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2 Ways to Kiss a Lesbian and Turn Her On

Mary Gorham Malia Mary Gorham Malia

How do you kiss a lesbian and turn her on? Just the thought takes me back to the first time I kissed a woman.

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If you want to have a mind-blowing first kiss with a lesbian like I did, here are 2 things to keep in mind.

1. Take Your Time

Savor the closeness. Enjoy her smell and the softness of her lips and cheeks. Kiss her face all over gently.

When she opens her mouth a little, use the tip of your tongue gently. Don’t shove it in there like a bulldozer. Wait for her to open up to you.

Even then, be aware of the body language you’re getting from her.

I’ve yet to meet a lesbian who wanted to kiss the way guys kissed me.

As you dip your tongue into her mouth, how does she react? Does she use her body, mouth and tongue to ask for more, or does she draw back?

Does she move more aggressively or more gently? Does she pull you against her? Do you want to lead or be led in this dance of chemistry and attraction?

2. Don’t Overthink It

Just commit yourself to starting slowly and gently when kissing her. Stay conscious to her feedback. She’s telling you so much with her response to your kissing.

And allow for the ebb and flow of desire that leads you toward more intimacy.

The way she kisses is a great indicator of how she likes to be touched during sex. She’s always telling you something by the way she looks at you, touches you and kisses you.  Once you get past the kissing part, read my article about how to have great lesbian sex for the first time!

Go with the flow and be the sensitive lover she’s seeking. Kissing is one version of intimacy and ecstasy, and it’s so worth enjoying.

Ladies, what’s your technique when kissing a lesbian woman?

Photo source: tumblr.com.