My Lesbian Love Is Always Talking About Her Ex

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My Lesbian Love is Always Talking About Her Ex

Mary Gorham Malia
Mary Gorham Malia Updated:
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Are you crazy in love with your new girlfriend, but she won’t stop talking about her ex?

She might be telling you everything, from calling the ex crazy, to saying she is not sure she is over her ex.

Or she might be saying her ex is better than you in just about every way.

Are you crazy to want to stay with her?

The short and simple answer is yes. You need to step back and think about this relationship. Consider the well-being of your own heart.

It sounds to me like your girlfriend is not over her ex. That means she is not really available to be in a relationship with you.

This also means you are in a rebound relationship, and those frequently do not work out.

“I’ve seen many lesbian relationships

where one is not over her ex.”

After a breakup, it takes time to heal.

It takes time to open up your heart and make space for a new relationship that is not overshadowed by the last one.

If you do not take time to get over your previous relationship, the shadow from the previous girlfriend can really mess with the new relationship.

A pause is really important so when you are getting into a new relationship, you are ready and aren’t bringing the past with you.

I have seen many lesbian relationships where one of the partners is not over her ex. It creates a great deal of hurt, jealousy and competition for the new partner.

Does your lesbian girlfriend talk too much about her ex? How do you handle it? How does it affect your relationship?

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