My Picks For Best Celebrity Boobs

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My Picks for Best Celebrity Boobs

David Wygant

Written by: David Wygant

David Wygant

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Discuss This! Discuss This!

The other day another guy asked me, “Who do you think has the best boobs in Hollywood?”

Now I know boobs are all about personal preference.

There are some guys who like them so big they risk suffocation when putting their head between them, and then there are guys who like them so small you can barely make them out.

For me, big boobs are a waste of space.

Don’t get me wrong. Boobs are fun to play with, but when it comes down to sex, it’s really just about the sensitivity of the nipples.

All women feel some sensation from their nipples. They like their nipples tickled, stroked, or kissed. Give me small, sexy boobs and a responsive nipple, and I can have fun with that for hours.

The other thing about small boobs is they look so much better when a woman stands up.

When a woman has massive boobs, most of the time they hang down by her stomach! Who wants two massive balloons staring at you from her stomach area?

So who do I think has the best celebrity boobs?

1. Mila Kunis

For me, Mila Kunis has the best boobs. She has this incredible look, and she looks amazing without a bra under her clothes. I find it so sexy when a woman is dressed with no bra.

A girl with giant boobs like Kim Kardashian can’t get away without wearing a bra. No way in the world is she wearing no bra and looking good. Give me Mila Kunis any day.

Go Google her right now and look for pictures where she’s wearing a dress with no bra. You’ll see those two perfect boobs for yourself.

You’ll see those perfect boobs just waiting to be touched, kissed and caressed.

Now I know some of you are thinking to yourself “God, this guy is so wrong!” Let’s talk about another woman with a great rack.

“Mila looks amazing without

a bra under her clothes.”

2. Kate Upton

Here’s a pair of boobs that are somewhere in the middle. Kate Upton‘s boos are actually really nice. But Kim Kardashian? Way too big.

Plus when a woman with huge boobs is on top of you, you can’t see anything other than boobs coming toward you.

You can’t enjoy the rest of her body because you just have these two massive globes six inches in front of your face.

Then they fly around all over the place. They slap you in the face while you’re having sex with her. It’s a nightmare. I’m definitely a small and perky kind of guy.

But today I want YOU to talk to me about boobs!

Which celebrity do YOU think has the best boobs and why? Which pair turn you on the most? Whose boobs would you love to play with if you had the chance?