Tips For Facing Senior Men Who Only Date Younger Women

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Tips for Facing Senior Men Who Only Date Younger Women

April Braswell
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As a woman, whatever your time of life, it’s important for you to feel vital and attractive in yourself first.

Still, while you’re a single midlife woman looking and feeling great in your 50s, it’s ego deflating and daunting to face the online singles scene when all you see are 50-something single men wanting to only date much younger women.

Senior single women will often come to my singles seminars saying it seems like all the senior single men only want to date women in their 30s and 40s.

You can feel demoralized if that’s all you’re reading on the senior singles sites in your area.

Take heart and know the mature men who are thinking they only want to date much younger women are usually the freshly divorced men, newly single again after just coming out of their former marriage.

Give them a little time, and they’ll come around. Much of what he currently thinks he wants is based on what he no longer wants from his ex-wife.

Rest assured, once he has gone on more than five dates with much younger women, he’ll most likely come around to desiring attractive mature women who are also in his age range.


“He thinks he wants the 28-year-old

until he is out on the dance floor with her.”

What do senior single men want in women now? 

What they really want is someone who is attractive, takes care of her looks and enjoys an active lifestyle.

He wants to share some of life’s activities with an alluring woman who can be a life companion and mate.

But the pace of a 28-year-old woman versus a 48-year-old woman really is different.

In a light fantasy, he thinks he wants the 28- or 38-year-old until he is out on the dance floor of life with her a few times.

Then reality kicks in and he adjusts his sights for an attractive woman who is his peer.

That’s when he’ll start noticing you!

Keep searching and getting out there, and you can find quality senior singles.

What are you seeing in the dating profiles of senior men where you are? Is it encouraging or discouraging for you?

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