Ways Senior Women Can Have Healthy Dating Lives

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Ways Senior Women Can Have Healthy Dating Lives

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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Senior single women can have and enjoy a healthy dating and social life. In fact, with so many of the age biases disappearing in the 21st century, a modern woman can enjoy a healthy, stimulating social life through all the decades of her life, whether she is 35, 55 or 95 years old.

The key to her enjoying a healthy dating life is her desire to have one! Yes ladies, the good news is it all begins with you.

Decide your dating life is a priority.

Enjoying a healthy dating life means you must first decide you desire a dating and social life and give it priority in your life.

When you decide to make it a priority, that means you put aside social dollars into your budget so you can attend events, purchase tickets and certainly invest in the personal grooming and wardrobe required to enjoy a sophisticated, contemporary social life.

Being over 50 years old need not mean your hairstyle and wardrobe are dowdy.

Many of the sizzling fashion magazines feature a section for style and provide image ideas for women to look alluring and sophisticated with contemporary fashions. Read them and incorporate some of the ideas into your wardrobe.

Put aside money each week and each month to continue to look your alluring best. Your wardrobe, style and image immediately and visually communicate to men that you are available and interested in them in just an instant!

What does your image say about you? Do you need to make a few adjustments to attract mature single men to you now?


“If you place yourself where the men frequent, then

you increase your chances at finding mature love.”

Meet many men.

One of the myths about senior dating is “There are very few single mature men.” That simply isn’t true.

Many men in their 50s and older are single again like you are, having divorced or been widowed.

I want to suggest to you to make the effort to really get out there each day and put yourself into both retail and social settings where you have the opportunity to meet quite a lot of men.

Men of all ages do frequent the auto parts stores, especially on the weekends.

On a Saturday morning, get up early and head out to the local coffee joint. The majority of people in line on a Saturday morning between 5:30 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. are men.

Additionally, men are the ones out at the home improvement stores on an early Saturday morning so they can get a jump on the weekend projects.

Yes, not all of them will be single. However, quite a number of them just might be. If you place yourself where the men frequent, then you systematically and strategically increase your chances at finding mature love, whatever your age!

Do keep a healthy perspective about socializing and look for where there are an abundance of men. By doing so, you’ll feel empowered for running your own single social life yourself rather than be at the whim of fate.

Be your own cupid by getting out and about each weekend and position yourself to meet many quality senior singles each week. You’ll have fun and support a healthy social life as you do so.