Where Are The Single Senior Women Hiding

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Where are the Single Senior Women Hiding?

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:
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By the time they’ve reached their 50s, mature single men find it challenging to locate not just single senior women but quality senior women.

No longer can a guy just go out for drinks after work and see a plethora of attractive, professional and culturally-adept women.

If you’re single and over 50 years old, you know meeting these quality singles can take some decisive and concerted efforts on your part.

Meeting eligible single ladies in your age demographic is no longer just happening on its own.

When you’re single and over 50, it takes some preparation, planning and effort to meet mature women of quality.

1. Online.

Yes, many quality senior women have a profile on one or more of the dating sites.

However, if what you’re seeking is a woman of some substance, combining class, beauty and brains, you are not that likely to locate her on the freebie sites.

Sure, some of them are there when they first get back into dating. The problem with the singles on the free sites is they often just toss up a profile without much forethought or preparation.

However, a quality woman has probably gone to more effort with her online appearance and profile than most other people, so she invested in some of the better senior dating sites.

“The number of relationships that result from

attending parties warrants your time.”

2. Offline.

Many quality women reflect their brains and good taste by being involved in their local community in some way.

When it’s election time, she’ll be attending a fundraiser for her favorite candidate. During other seasons, she’s likely helping her favorite nonprofit organization or cultural association.

Always be willing to give a donation item for a fundraiser’s auction and you’ll be put on the guest list.

Once you become known to the women who run the charitable groups, you’ll also start to get invited to their more informal activities. As that happens, your dating options grow with your expanding social circle.

While you might not meet the next great love of your life at the charity auction – although it has been known to happen – the number of marriages and committed relationships that result from attending the smaller, more personal parties warrants the targeted investment of your time to weave yourself into this high caliber social group.

Photo source: sugardaddie.com.