Where Can You Meet Quality Senior Singles?

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Where Can You Meet Quality Senior Singles?

April Braswell
April Braswell Updated:

It’s not just a dating dilemma for daters over 40 and 50. Singles of every age group always want to know where they can meet quality singles their age. They sidle up to me after a dating workshop to ask their question covertly.  It’s like they’re thinking, “I’ll get the secret place and access code and not everyone else will.”

But there is no magic pill. There is no one single place for senior singles to meet a quality mature mate.  There are, however, places where you can go and meet more mature singles in your age group.

Yes, truth be told, there are fewer singles in your age range as we all age. Single dating in your 40s, 50s and 60s will be different than the candy store experience of our 20s and 30s, when there were always an abundance of singles to pick and choose from.

With that reality, know that there might be fewer singles your age. However, ask yourself, “Do I really need to meet 25 singles to get a first date?” Or would it be OK to go somewhere and meet just one, two or three quality singles around your age and date perhaps one or two of them?

Where can you meet quality senior singles in a no pressure casual environment?

You do need to get out there in person eventually and actually meet your fellow mature singles if you ever want to get a boyfriend.

Chime in here with your questions and comments, and I’ll aim to answer your questions in a future article.