Why Turning 50 Could Rejuvenate Your Dating Life

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Why Turning 50 Could Rejuvenate Your Dating Life

April Braswell
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Does AARP finally have you on their membership roster? This year the last vestige of baby boomers turns 50 years old.

What are baby boomers?

Baby boomers are men and women born between 1946 and 1964.

This generation brought us the sexual revolution, beatniks, hippies and yuppies. They embraced a youth culture and an active lifestyle.

What are baby boomers?Even though AARP may be recruiting you to join and now defines you as a senior, boomers prefer to think of themselves as “dating after 50,” with new websites popping up that represent them as a vibrant nation.

President Jimmy Carter responded to the youthful tendency of baby boomers during his presidency, renaming Senior Citizens Month (May), which was created by President John F. Kennedy, to Older Americans Month.

That appeased the first wave of baby boomers, but they still don’t like being dubbed as older.

Take a look at your Facebook newsfeed

You’ll notice more men are happy to share the celebration of their 50th birthday.

However, more women know the ageism of attraction, dating and how our culture relegated women over 50 to the shadows of prime time television and life until the 1980s groundbreaking show “The Golden Girls.”

Now all the single women in TV Land’s “Hot in Cleveland” refer to themselves as “looking 40,” and they do look great, feminine, alluring and hot.Take a look at your Facebook newsfeed

Hollywood in the 1940s depicted women in their 50s as dumpy and dowdy. Now they have lush, long hairstyles, dazzling smiles and great figures.

So can women in their 50s and 60s have a social and vibrant love life? Yes!

You mean it doesn’t all fizzle away and disappear when the clock strikes 12 on my 50th birthday? No!

The good news for singles dating after 50

Now there is a whole segment of the Internet matchmaking industry dedicated to the specific needs of the 50+ single demographic. There are many dating sites tailored to serve singles in their 50s, 60s and beyond.

While the boomers might resist the word senior appearing on the dating site’s name, it’s fantastic to have sites designed for mature mate finding without the pickup/hookup feel of the apps geared toward the 20s crowd.

The good news for singles dating after 50If you’re single and over 50, or are just joining the ranks this year, welcome to the world of midlife dating.

You might have been dateless after your spouse died or while your divorce was being finalized and feel a little daunted to date again. However, there are tons of dating sites for mature daters that celebrate how this is our time.

Don’t be scared to get back out there again now. Over 50 dating is a whole new breed of the dating game. You’ll discover plenty of options and a whole community of support while you have fun seeking the new great love of your life.

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