10 Best Gay Dating Magazines

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10 Best Gay Dating Magazines (2021)

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A good magazine doesn’t just entertain its readers. A good magazine also informs, raises questions and gives a voice to those who can’t speak up.

From compelling features to hard-hitting news, our 10 Best Gay Dating Magazines will have you ordering every issue.



Bragging Rights: Large circulation

Founded in 1992, Out is a popular gay lifestyle magazine with the highest circulation of any gay monthly publication in the United States. If you’re also looking for a good belly laugh, check out the hilarious “Out Classics” column featuring “The Gayest Commercials” and “The Gayest Robots.”

Social Clout: 49,066+ followers, 43,733+ likes

URL: http://www.out.com/

Bragging Rights: Fun and serious

With its first issue hitting newsstands in 1967, Advocate is the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the United States. We’re especially fond of the mag’s op-eds, including one man’s tale of taking his “very curious” mother to a gay bar for the first time.

Social Clout: 82,594+ followers, 74,201+ likes

URL: http://www.advocate.com/



Bragging Rights: Exclusive content

Europe’s number one selling gay magazine, Attitude’s been around since 1994 and has proven “a heavyweight of the gay media.” Clever and cutting edge, Attitude’s your one-stop read. It’s also known as the mag to score some historic cover interviews, including Tony Blair’s only gay press interview.

Social Clout: 50,967+ likes, 48,035+ followers

URL: http://www.attitude.co.uk/

Gay Times


Bragging Rights: Compelling interviews

GT (aka Gay Times) touts itself as “the original gay men’s lifestyle brand.” Founded in 1984, Gay Times features tons of interviews from people who make a difference in the LGBT community – helping to secure the title of “The world’s definitive gay magazine.”

Social Clout: 357,000+ likes, 109,377+ followers

URL: http://www.gaytimes.co.uk/



Bragging Rights: Following its instinct

First published in 1997, Instinct is a hodgepodge of videos, celebrity news, personal features, sports updates and reader polls. Whether you’re looking for information on the American support of marriage equality or manscaping, Instinct’s got it all. There are also great columns like Style Guyde, Risque Sommelier and Swag Suite.

Social Clout: 29,143+ likes, 11,596+ followers

URL: http://instinctmagazine.com/



Bragging Rights: Has it all

With its first issue making a debut in 2004, Bent offers studies related to dating, sex, marriage and relationships, as well as health, shopping, entertainment and political tips as they relate to relationships. If you’re more inclined to seek out humor in your reading material, then check out funny pieces like “What If We Live Like Porn?”

Social Clout: 4,823+ likes, 1,039+ followers

URL: http://mag.bent.com/



Bragging Rights: For the man who invests in himself

An interactive, monthly online magazine, HIM Magazine deals with a wide variety of issues and topics for the young, modern, success-oriented gay man. So whether you’re seeking opinions on lifestyle or just want to touch base with politics, HIM is where you should look. Also make sure to search for Grandma Hillbilly’s advice.

Social Clout: 55+ followers

URL: http://www.him-magazine.com/

Bragging Rights: Shedding light on HIV

Positive Lite is a Canadian-based online magazine catering to HIV-positive people and their friends and supporters. From activism to current affairs, the site tackles important issues with a “lifestyle magazine” format. Positive Lite also aims to celebrate having fun while dating and living with the disease, whether it’s online dating or tips for seniors.

Social Clout: 2,410+ followers, 584+ likes

URL: http://positivelite.com/

Hello Mr.


Bragging Rights: Correcting cliches

Hello Mr. professes it’s the “introduction to a new generation of men who date men.” Published only twice a year and a new addition to the publishing world, Hello Mr. has already gained a large following on social media. The mag aims to be accessible, endearing and insightful.

Social Clout: 2,024+ likes, 1,112+ followers

URL: http://hellomrmag.com/



Bragging Rights: For young gay men

Qr Magazine is provocative, opinionated and playful. With a demographic targeting ages 20 and up, Qr focuses on topics like marriage equality, kissing, exes and hookups while helping the reader feel engaged and accepted. Most of Qr’s content is user-submitted, so there’s a real sense of community and culture within the magazine’s readership.

Social Clout: 11,587+ friends

URL: http://qrmag.com/

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