8 Best Lesbian Dating Blogs Of 2014

Lesbian Dating

8 Best Lesbian Dating Blogs of 2014

Hayley Matthews
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It can be tricky to find solid lesbian dating advice. Being a minority means there’s less information out there that fits the specific needs and questions of girl-girl relationships.

So where’s a lesbian to go to find the answers to her love and sex concerns? Any of these eight dating blogs would be a great place to look!

Chock-full of information from lesbian dating experts, they are incredible resources that can’t be overlooked. You may be a smaller subsection of the populations, but you deserve solid relationship advice, too. If you have questions on any part of lesbian dating, then these blogs have the answers.

Bragging Rights: author, speaker and dating consultant

Serving as a resource for lesbians who want to find happiness and love, Malia will help you navigate dating in this age of technology through the use of her blog. She posts questions for her readers, as well as advice on different aspects of lesbian relationships. She knows the feeling of being single and lonely, and she doesn’t want you to feel like that. Malia will guide you to lasting love and success.

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Twitter Handle: @gaygirldating



Bragging Rights: recognizes women are different than men

Not only does Dattch provide an awesome dating app for lesbians, but the site also offers a blog filled with insight into life and dating for women who like women. Experts share the latest news, personal experiences and fun listicles for your enjoyment. If you ever wanted to know the best lesbian movies of all time or the things all lesbians think about in their life, then you’ll love this blog.

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Twitter Handle: @dattchapp

Bragging Rights: the ultimate global networking hub for LGBTQs

GG can introduce you to the woman of your dreams, but the site also has really great advice. The Gaydar Girls’ aim is to inspire lesbian women to be more prominent and empowered all around the world. Their venue is safe and private, which allows you to build lasting connections. Check out their opinions, life stories, guides and advice on everything you’ve wanted to know — you’ll be glad you did.

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Twitter Handle: @gaydargirls

Bragging Rights: content for girls who like girls

Want to know what’s so what’s great about being a lesbian? WSMS will tell you. Experts post articles about the positive developments affecting lesbian women across the globe. While they share entertainment news, they also supply much in terms of lifestyle facts, advice and support. This is a positive space and a wealth of information. Be sure not to miss out on all this blog has to offer!

Social Clout: 3,605+ Twitter followers; 2,910+ Facebook likes

Twitter Handle: @SallyMetSally

Bragging Rights: a doctor of clinical psychology

A nationally recognized relationship expert and coach, Frankie Bashan specializes in working with the LGBT community. She currently works as a matchmaker, bringing together lesbian women. Her blog shows off the personal touch she adds to everything she does, with articles that describe how to be an adult in relationships, answer why women cheat and everything in between. This old soul will guide you.

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Twitter Handle: @LittleGayBook

Bragging Rights: shares her personal journey

From a slightly slutty single to happily married femme, Sasha Lotrian documents her life in her blog. She also dedicates it to all things lesbianic, sharing advice and stories for the readers. Here you’ll find insight into the “straight girl curse,” the best places to live as a lesbian and so much more. Discussions and input from readers have built the community that CCL is today.

Social Clout: 1,830+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @Sasha_Lotrian

Bragging Rights: writes for Lipstick & Dipstick

Belge is the “guide to all things lesbian.” You can find her on About.com, in one of her nonfiction guides or almost anywhere on the web. She puts her magazine journalism degree to good use through frequent stories and advice on lesbian dating. Her wit and way with words make her easy to listen to, even if she sometimes has to tell you what you didn’t want to hear.

Social Clout: 1,485+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @KBelge

Bragging Rights: specializing in lesbian concerns for 20 years

Joanne Fleisher was married to a man for 12 years before realizing she had to embrace her sexuality. Where she once had to create her own network of support, she now offers that same support to women in similar situations. She offers therapy and support, as well as an online community in which you can ask questions. Whether you’re questioning or fully out, Fleisher’s here to help.

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Twitter Handle: @joannefleisher

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