10 Best Apps For Couples 2023

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10 Best Apps for Couples of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

Written by: Chloë Hylkema

Chloë Hylkema

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There are thousands of apps dedicated to helping singles find a relationship. But where are the apps dedicated to helping them keep those relationships? Dating apps are now an integral part of the dating scene, but there are fewer smartphone assistance options for keeping relationships than there are for finding them.

These apps are designed to help couples lead happier and healthier relationships. From all-in-one apps that allow couples to share relationship milestones to an app that offers guided exercises to maintain a couple’s sexual health, the apps on this list provide couples with incredible relationship resources right at their fingertips.

Lovewick | Paired | Love Nudge | Lasting | Honeydue | Couply | Coral | Intimately Us | Desire | Merge 



Lovewick was founded by Ali Maggioncalda, who wished there had been something like Lovewick when she was in a long-term relationship. Lovewick is a free relationship app that taps into psychological research for activities that help couples connect.

Lovewick brings couples together in several different ways. The app has Discovery Cards, which help to spark new conversations between couples. There are over 1,000 Discovery Cards, so even couples who have been together for a long time can find something new to talk about.

Wish lists on Lovewick help couples keep track of everything they want to do with and for each other. It’s a simple place to put date night ideas, shows to watch, and plans for traveling. Lovewick has a section called Forget-me-nots, which is a place for couples to store information about each other, from birthdays to shoe sizes. 

More About Lovewick

  • Founded by Ali Maggioncalda
  • Extensive resources, all without a paywall
  • Linked couples accounts

Best for: Free Couples App



Couples can build deeper intimacy with the app Paired. Paired offers questions to help bring couples together. Questions include “What do you remember most about the first time you met your partner?” and “What qualities make your partner special to you?” 

Paired has a library of articles written by professionals about common relationship struggles and concerns. Another section is the quiz category, where couples can discover the strengths in their relationship  and areas for potential growth as they reflect on their own and their partner’s input. The app also offers games that test a couple’s knowledge of each other.

Over 100,000 couples already use the Paired app, which has a 4.7 score on the App Store. Reviews of the app have touted its ability to remind couples to take time for each other. Whether they have been together for two years or for 15, couples who have used Paired have found better communication and greater relationship intimacy.

More About Paired

  • App crafted by in-house relationship experts
  • Multiple app features
  • Couples pay for a subscription together

Best for: Many Activities for Couples

Love Nudge


Love Nudge gives couples the support their relationship deserves. Many couples are probably familiar with the 5 Love Languages, which is a way of understanding how people show and receive love. The app helps couples see and understand each other’s love languages, equipping them to grow closer in love and intimacy.

Couples will find Love Nudge super easy to use. Setup is free, easy, and only takes a few minutes. Next, couples will take the Love Language Quiz to learn what makes them feel loved. Couples can then link their apps to unlock extra features and delve into each other’s Love Languages. They can set goals to help speak to their partner’s Love Language, nudge their partner with messages and requests, and track their progress.

The Love Nudge app can help couples who find themselves in a rough spot decide how to best help each other with love. When couples are thriving, the app reminds couples to stay engaged and continue to think about each other. Love Nudge offers activities and conversation ideas according to each partner’s Love Language.

More About Love Nudge

  • Founded on the philosophy of the 5 Love Languages
  • Couples can link their accounts
  • In-app messaging 

Best for: Using the 5 Love Languages



Lasting was founded by Steve Dziedzic, a certified relationship educator and expert on relationship health. Before creating Lasting, Steve worked for The Knot where he took part in helping 80% of America’s engaged couples get married. He learned a lot about weddings, marriage, and overall relationship health in the United States. Steve also learned that it was possible to reach the vast majority of couples through technology.

It was with this realization that he founded Lasting. Lasting makes couples counseling simple and helps couples build healthier relationships with just a few minutes every day. Couples can download the app on their phones and begin sessions with each other. These sessions create a space for couples to reflect, unpack their thoughts, and discuss them with each other.

Lasting was made with the help and expertise of couples therapists and experts. The team at Lasting is dedicated to providing the most accurate information and helpful activities. The app focuses on nearly every topic relevant to romantic relationships, including communication, conflict, sexual connection, and family culture.

More About Lasting

  • Founded by relationship health expert Steve Dziedzic
  • Designed with the guidance of mental health professionals
  • Free and paid features

Best for: Married Couples



Like it or not, money is a big part of relationships. When the proper attention isn’t given to money matters, arguments can flare up in relationships. Honeydue eases those money stressors by helping couples strike the perfect balance of how much financial information and money they share with each other.

Honeydue is a free app that makes it easy for couples to stay on top of their money. Couples can connect Honeydue to their financial accounts, including bank accounts, cards, loans, and investments. The app supports over 20,000 financial institutions across five countries.

Couples can use Honeydue to coordinate bills, discuss important financial decisions, and share their banking information. Couples can choose what information they would like to share with Honeydue and their partner. If it’s time to open a joint account, Honeydue offers bank accounts where partners can share and manage their money together.

More About Honeydue

  • All of a couple’s financial information in one place
  • Choose what amount of information to share
  • Options to open joint bank accounts

Best for: Managing Money



Couply gets couples on the same page and keeps them there. The app is tapping into the newest technology to help create better relationships. It helps deepen their connection, improve communication, and create strong partnerships. Couples can use Couply to answer daily questions, which will keep couples interested in and engaged with each other.

Quizzes on Couply help couples learn more about each other. These quizzes ask questions about common relationship matters and challenges, creating a deeper understanding between couples. Couply also offers thoughtful daily conversation starters designed to get couples talking. 

When it’s time for date night, Couply offers curated date ideas. These are personalized ideas unique to each couple, based on the couples’ personalities and the data the app collects through regular use. Couply reviews have touted its ability to start great conversations and bring couples closer together. The app has a 4.7 rating on the App Store.

More About Couply

  • Quizzes to help couples understand each other more 
  • Daily check-ins to keep couples on the same page
  • Free to download

Best for: Daily Connection and Conversation 



Coral is the app that makes happier, healthier, and more pleasurable sex more accessible than ever. Sex and sexual health can be hard topics to discuss, even in romantic relationships. When challenges arise, these intimate conversations can be even more difficult, as they often make people feel very vulnerable. Coral is helping couples actively attend to their sexual health and talk more freely about their sexual needs and desires.

The team behind Coral observed that matters of sexual health were often overlooked when it came to relationships. Sexual health is integral to overall health, so Coral is bringing it to the forefront. Coral helps couples build deeper connections, enhance their pleasure, and build confidence.

Couples have several options on Coral. They can use the app’s guided exercises, which offer couples new ways to develop deeper connections and intensify pleasure. Couples can also use Coral’s library of expert materials to boost their confidence in bed and gain skills to be better communicators. The Connect feature of the app gives couples conversation prompts in a secure, encrypted partner chat.

More About Coral

  • Developed by sexual health experts
  • Play, Learn, and Grow categories
  • Mission to bring sexual health to the forefront

Best for: Attending to Couple’s Sexual Health

From married Christian couple Dan and Emily Purcell, Intimately Us is helping married couples strengthen their connection by giving attention to their sex lives. Intimately Us was created after Dan and Emily realized how their faith encourages deep connection and pleasure in marriage. But most of their education about sex had been viewed through a reproductive lens. 

Dan and Emily realized there was more to intimacy than creating a family, and a healthy and exciting sex life was integral to the happiness of their marriage. They started having open, honest, and vulnerable conversations with each other about how to create the kind of intimacy they desired. Once they implemented the changes they discussed in their sex life, their marriage became more robust and joyful.

Intimately Us is made with married Christian couples in mind. The app offers fun daily challenges, games, and a sexploration list. The app does not include nudity, porn, or any crass material and solely focuses on helping married couples achieve more pleasurable sex. It’s full of wholesome and safe ideas for spicing up the bedroom and reconnecting couples through great sex.

More About Intimately Us

  • Founded by married couple Dan and Emily Purcell
  • Perfect for Christian couples
  • Ideas specifically for married couples

Best for: Reigniting Married Couples’ Sex Lives



Desire helps couples stay connected through fun games, challenges, and daily reminders. Pol Gerbeau is the founder and CEO of Desire, and he created the app after his own marriage struggled from the pressures of kids, work, and family life. Pol founded Desire so couples could stay connected in a fun and engaging way, through the good and bad times. 

The app emphasizes romance and intimacy in a new way that keeps things fun and light. Couples can connect with each other through the app and send messages throughout the day using Desire’s private chat. Couples can send each other dares to complete different exciting activities and games. They can also take daily quizzes designed with questions to bring couples closer together. 

By sending and completing dares, taking quizzes, and connecting through the messaging feature, couples can earn badges and show them off on their profile. One of Desire’s coolest features is the Lucky Wheel, which lets couples spin a wheel to aid in decision-making. For example, if couples are having a hard time deciding whose turn it is to make dinner, they can spin the Lucky Wheel and have Desire make the decision.

More About Desire

  • Couples send fun dares to keep the relationship exciting
  • Versatile app features
  • Keeps connection engaging and lighthearted

Best for: Fun Activities for Couples



When couples live together, establishing who is responsible for chores and daily household tasks can cause friction. Merge is easing the tension around completing daily household tasks by organizing them all in one place. Couples can easily coordinate, manage, and collaborate on everyday household tasks. 

Couples can add tasks to Merge, assign chores, add shopping items, and make payment reminders. They can add items to grocery and chore lists and filter tasks by partner and task type. Merge has a comment section for each task so couples can ask and answer questions. They can also check in with each other throughout the day using Merge’s status feature.

Managing chores and the day-to-day of living together can be challenging. Merge is an excellent resource for keeping track of what has been done and what needs to be done. The app can help couples who are frequently at odds with each other about daily tasks streamline their needs. Working together to keep a space clean, inviting, and homey can ultimately bring a couple closer together.

More About Merge

  • Keep track of daily chores
  • Assign tasks and mark them as complete
  • Make grocery lists and ask questions about items

Best for: Couples Who Live Together

While the rise of technology has undoubtedly presented social challenges, this new tech can also be harnessed to strengthen relationships. When couples connect through an app, it adds another layer of relationship strength. These apps give couples another place to connect and learn about each other in new and unique ways. 

Relationship apps help couples consider their partners every time they open their phone and see the app. The simple act of thinking about a partner throughout the day, continuously considering them, is one of the best things for any kind of romantic relationship, whether in the honeymoon phase or after years of marriage.