10 Best Blogs for Single Parents

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10 Best Blogs for Single Parents

Hayley Matthews Hayley Matthews

Being a single parent is tough, but trying to meet someone willing to fully care for your plus one as you would is even harder. Thankfully technology is making this road to love much less bumpy.

Our 10 best blogs for single parents not only make it easier to find a partner who meets all of your requirements and expectations, but these sites also create a relatable environment.

Check out these blogs to ease your fear and find the one you’ve been looking for.

Two in one, this blog doubles as a dating website and an advice database. For those of you looking to find Mr. or Miss Right and brush up on your dating skills in the mean time, this is for you. With articles like “What If My Kid Doesn’t Like My New Boyfriend?,” Single Parent Meet is sure to always have an answer for you.

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URL: singleparentmeet.com

This single dad makes the most of his time on this earth and with his son. He thrives on anything comical, crazy or risky, and then he decides to write about it. His articles like “All Butt-Hurt About It” when he got injured at the Tough Mudder or “These Sweatpants. I Can’t Seem to Take Them Off” show how he is a little kid stuck in an adult body. Read more for some kickin’ entertainment.

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URL: danoah.com

Sometimes you need a little kick in the butt if you are dwelling on the past or second guessing yourself too much. Christina will make sure to knock some sense into you while also making you laugh with pieces like “Something About Armpits and the Proper Way to Break Up.” Dating doesn’t have to be completely harsh all the time.

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URL: christinamajaski.com/blog/

Dresden provides a unique blog experience by detailing her history as a caregiver for her now deceased grandmother who had Alzheimer’s, as well as her son who she had via anonymous sperm donor. She shows pictures, writes heartfelt accounts of her experiences and even has podcasts. She’s selfless and 100 percent proud of being a single mother.

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Twitter Handle: @DresdenPlaid

URL: creatingmotherhood.com

This single mom with two daughters does a great job of making light of her situation as a single parent, but at the same time she doesn’t neglect to mention the downfalls. She not only gives great parenting advice but also makes posts about recipes and DIY projects for your home. She says she’s not supermum, but she is.

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Twitter Handle: @notSupermum

URL: notsupermum.com

Sometimes we just need to feel like someone else can relate to our problems. This single mommy of three can make anyone feel like they belong through her personal family stories and daily tribulations. She provides a maternal yet commanding presence that is the perfect combination for a single parent in need of advice.

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Twitter Handle: @backtoallen

URL: backtoallen.com/writers_blog/

You hardly need to look at another blog again because Daily Plate of Crazy has everything to offer you. From health and sex, to parenting, fashion and even entertainment, this blog will keep you on your toes in every way.

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Twitter Handle: @BigLittleWolf

URL: dailyplateofcrazy.com

As a working single mother, this blogger share the ups and downs of trying to raise children in a positive way. She touches on the most important practices of parenting and helpful tips for engaging with children in any season of life. Through her pieces like “Holiday Parenting for Single Moms” and “5 Kids Books That Focus on Kindness,” there is advice for anyone and everything.

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URL: workingmother.com/blogs/super-single-mom

For those of you who literally chose the single life, this blog is for you. This proud single mommy who is happily divorced shares the joys and learning processes that occur every day when while raising her twins. She always provides visuals for her posts and even gives advice for other things besides parenting. What more could you want?

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URL: andmommymakes3.com

We need more single daddy blogs in this world, and he is one of the reasons. This man not only gives insight into his personal experiences with his two boys, but he also delves into various love topics and gives elaborate explanations as to how he feels about them. If you want to read about the concept of “forever” or see cool pictures of his many adventures, check out Dark Stormy Loopy.

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URL: darkstormyloopy.blogspot.com

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