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10 Best Blogs for Relationship Therapy

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Mending a romantic relationship is one of those things best left to a professional who has years of experience as a couples therapist and can help bring couples back together. Sometimes therapy sessions can make all the difference and strengthen a relationship so it lasts for years to come.

If you’re looking for this kind of help, check out our 10 Best Blogs for Relationship Therapy.

Bragging Rights: keeping marriage sacred

From the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops comes For Your Marriage, a considerate blog with endless resources and tools for any couple. Whether married for years or just considering that walk down the aisle, this extensive resource is built around finding solutions and building trust. The site also includes coverage on everything from dating to second marriages.

Social Clout: 8,289+ likes, 4,368+ followers

URL: http://www.foryourmarriage.org/

Bragging Rights: an alternative to counseling

Marriage fitness and relationship strength is at the heart of Mort Fertel’s blog. As a world authority on the psychology of relationships, he covers thoughtful issues like “How to Break Bad Marriage Habits” and “How Do I Tell My Wife I Cheated?” from a friendly and knowledgeable source.

Social Clout: 7,838+ likes, 3,028+ followers

URL: http://www.marriagemax.com/

Bragging Rights: daily knowledge to improve your marriage

The Marriage Counseling Blog is written by multiple writers with backgrounds in professional counseling. Six professionals with individual specialties split the workload, offering guidance on self-help, marriage, sex and family life. This is a quite serious site with online therapy options and postings like “The Truth About Falling Out of Love.”

Social Clout: 25,430+ likes, 3,589+ followers

URL: http://marriagecounselingblog.com/

Bragging Rights: building successful relationships

Leroy Scott brings a friendly and reasonable voice to his blog, calmly helping couples through their difficulties for 15 years. Nationally recognized, Scott is a licensed psychologist and theologist who paints a big-picture approach to mending relationships. His blog tackles issues large and small for newer couples and veteran partners.

Social Clout: 2,616+ followers

URL: http://leroyscott.com/

Bragging Rights: marriage is worth working hard for

From highly respected and sought experts, Couples Therapy Inc. was built to salvage relationships and give people hope when they feel hopeless. Individual issues are thoughtfully explored, including infidelity, anger management, and communication. Tools for finding localized help is offered, along with daily tips for maintaining the love. Reading through this blog can be a healing and eye-opening experience for couples considering a split.

Social Clout: 1,717+ followers, 334+ likes

URL: https://couplestherapyinc.com/blog/

Bragging Rights: reignite your relationship

Relationship Rx is dedicated to providing expert advice for important relationships issues. Founded by couples therapist Aaron Anderson in 2010, the site has grown to an impressive resource for couples. Anderson built his blog on the idea that when you have happier relationships, you have a happier life.

Social Clout: 782+ followers

URL: http://blog.themarriageandfamilyclinic.com/

Bragging Rights: helping people succeed in areas that matter most

Therapist Katie Lemieux brings a friendly and upbeat style to helping couples. Her blog offers resources and counseling options for couples looking to salvage a relationship or even improve an already solid one. Posts like “A Therapist’s Favorite Question” offer a look at counseling styles from both sides of the couch.

Social Clout: 389+ likes, 167+ followers

URL: http://familyandcouplescounseling.com/

Bragging Rights: It’s never too late to live happily ever after

Dr. Shane Perrault is the calm and clear voice behind African-American Marriage Counseling. A nationally-recognized authority on couples counseling, his site focuses on issues related to African-American couples of all ages. Tips for better understanding your partner are available, along with clear guidance on translating “the language of love.”

Social Clout: 186+ likes, 165+ followers

URL: http://africanamericanmarriagecounseling.com/

Bragging Rights: communicate. trust. connect.

Next year the Couples Institute will celebrate 30 years of helping relationships thrive. Doctors Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson lead the way in finding real solutions to common and uncommon issues. Their couples blog offers true wisdom on topics like “6 Ways to Holiday-Proof Your Relationship” and “Practical Perspectives for Fighting Couples.”

URL: http://www.couplesinstitute.com/

Bragging Rights: where couples can get away

The Marriage Recovery Center is a longstanding institute that couples retreat to in times of trouble. With an encouraging tone, the blog offers readers insights and advice on troubling issues like “Why is He Emotionally Abusive?” and “Did You Marry Your Parent?” Open conversations with the four professionals leading the effort are useful and inspiring. As an added bonus, the blog also has events, classes, and other resources for couples experiencing tough times.

URL: http://www.marriagerecoverycenter.com/

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