10 Best Dating Blogs For 30 Somethings

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10 Best Dating Blogs for 30-Somethings

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Some say 30 is the new 20, but I think dating in your 30s is better than ever. You’ve learned from the mistakes you made when you were younger and your outlook on love has grown.

Our 10 Best Dating Blogs for 30-Somethings are proof that life doesn’t stop after 29.

Bragging Rights: where girl meets 30

My Thirty Spot is a fun blog that comes from Erin Kennedy, who looks at romance solutions specifically for women just like her. She tries to better understand all matters of the heart. Topics including “What I Learned from My Ex-Boyfriend” and “The Joys of Internet Dating” offer true insight only women in their 30s could understand.

Social Clout: 14,139+ followers, 7,362+ likes

URL: http://www.mythirtyspot.com/

Bragging Rights: the rollercoaster ride to living love

This 30-something takes readers on the wild adventure of her life, exploring the ups and downs of single life and dating after 30. Posts like “How to Address the Dubious Sexual Double Standard for Women” and “Six Steps to Claim Your Sensual Confidence” examine real-world issues, while the Facebook Confessions section looks at social media and lost loves.

Social Clout: 2,427+ followers

URL: http://singleinmy30s.wordpress.com/

Bragging Rights: a guide through dating dilemmas

Sexpert Jenn X brings readers along for a look at love, sex and all things in between in this funny and no BS blog. She examines heartbreak, social media no-no’s and the ups and downs of Valentine’s Day. As one observer wrote, “If Carrie Bradshaw is a cosmopolitan, Jenn X is a scotch on the rocks.”

Social Clout: 2,956+likes, 730+ followers

URL: http://jennx30somethingandsingle.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: creating true love

At Love for Successful Women, Janet takes readers along for her adventures and lessons in love, aimed more at the established woman. Articles like “6 Qualities That Catch a Man’s Heart” and “10 Love Resolutions for the Successful Woman” tackle relevant issues while the sections called Love Discovery Session and Create True Love offer tools and tips for finding Mr. Right.

Social Clout: 617+ followers, 578+ likes

URL: http://loveforsuccessfulwomen.com/

Bragging Rights: the single woman at her best

Another Single Woman’s Blog is the story of a 30-something Canadian woman who brings a unique look to finding love while being a single mother. She breaks down different approaches, from “Twitter: Hookup/Dating Site?” to more standard dating sites. Readers are encouraged to follow their hearts but with a logical approach. “The Depths of Being Shallow” examines how physical beauty complicates the process.

Social Clout: 362+ followers, 85+ likes

URL: http://singlewomansblog.com/

Bragging Rights: looking for lasting love

The Soul Mate in the City blog takes the single girl lifestyle and turns it on it’s ear. Jackie is a 33-year-old in Brooklyn chasing love and fighting off monotony. Her reading list is a library of self-helpers on love, dating and happiness while she absorbs the best from her own followers. Topics like “If Penises Have Ears, Then Just Call Me Van Gogh” are definitely one of a kind.

Social Clout: 191+ likes, 12+ followers

URL: http://soulmateinthecity.com/

Bragging Rights: find the love you’re looking for

Mother of two and divorcee of one, Jill brings a charming and chipper voice to women getting back out on the field. Her “Dating Tips for Busy People” looks at ways to bridge activities, like dating when at a dog park or volunteering. She brings a humorous spirit with posts like “Is There Such a Thing as the 15-Year Itch?’ and “7 Fun Date Ideas That Aren’t Crap.”

Social Clout: 68+ followers

URL: http://www.datinginyour30s.com/

Bragging Rights: honesty is at the forefront

Exploring food, fashion, travel and dating, this Bostonian’s blog takes a serious yet fun look at love in your 30s. “No Facebook For You!” looks at the pitfalls of social media while “I Want to Hate Princess Kate” looks at the fairy tale cliche with a funny and bitter aftertaste. “Good on Paper” looks at different methods that sound good in theory but never work out.

Social Clout: 129+ followers

URL: http://livloveblog.com/

Bragging Rights: an independent girl loving life

The Single and 30-Something blog challenges the notion that everyone has to be hitched by 30 and fights back against the author’s constant encouragement to settle down. Posts like “‘Why is ‘Ms.’ So Hard to Spell?’ take a decidedly nontraditional approach. Videos and social media interaction fill out the site, with a look at the agonies of Pinterest and the struggles of building confidence for first dates.

URL: http://singlethirtysomething.wordpress.com/

Bragging Rights: keeping the love alive

Grace Pamer, otherwise known as “the love letters and marriage proposals lady,” shares her wisdom on this website. Along with three other authors, she crafts a unique and vibrant look at dating, love and relationships in the modern age. As seen in Cosmo and on Fox News, the site offers clear guidance on such topics as “How Can I Make My Boyfriend Propose to Me?”

Social Clout: 4,922+ likes, 1,867+ followers

URL: http://www.romanceneverdies.com/

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