10 Best Long Distance Relationship Blogs

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10 Best Long-Distance Relationship Blogs

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Long-distance relationships can be difficult, what with the time apart, the missed phone calls and the lonely nights.

Don’t let these things get you down. Follow the advice of our 10 Best Long-Distance Relationship Blogs and your relationship is sure to go the distance.

Bragging Rights: serving LDRs of all shapes and sizes

Frank and Michelle have been together since 2006, one now living in Maine and the other in Massachusetts. They chart their college romance and separate cities as they share advice, inspiration and laughter. They also provide great ideas for long-distance relationship activities couples can try, from board games by webcam, to reading the same book simultaneously.

Social Clout: 18,048+ likes, 1,767+ followers

URL: http://www.lovingfromadistance.com/

Bragging Rights: love is not on a map

Long Distance Loving is an extensive site that comes from Alison, or A.V., who launched it in 2010. “Long Distance Tales” follows romance fiction related to separated lovers. Alison warns that distance can change dynamics, but she gives clear guidance on fighting from 300 miles away as well as making up.

Social Clout: 1,963+ followers, 1,242+ likes

URL: http://www.longdistanceloving.net/

Bragging Rights: keeping the romance alive from miles apart

At Long Distances, users in long-distance relationships can find advice and insights into keeping the magic alive and building stronger bonds while separated. The author’s focus is real-world tips for making it work and cultivating the relationship. A prep kit is recommended, with the key ingredients being a webcam and love.

Social Clout: 1,398+ followers

URL: http://longdistances.blogspot.com/

Bragging Rights: we strongly believe LDRs work

Scott and Lara oversee this site, with heavy contribution from readers. They cover how to keep things fresh and personal through video chatting and dealing with the confusions and doubts that often accompany long-distance relationships. Pictures and videos are shared often, with strong attention given to staying connected through technology.

Social Clout: 188+ likes

URL: http://fyeahlongdistancerelationships.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: brought to you by a girl who is in one

This lively and entertaining blog is loaded with quotes, images and short essays on living apart from your partner. The author is in just such an arrangement and shares the challenges they face together. She discusses how a career path is often at the root and ways to plan for a future together. Our favorite part is this blog is it is sharply designed and has lots of humor.

URL: http://longdistance-love.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: celebrating and supporting the LDR

Sylvia Shipp is the voice behind this site, where everything LDR is handled, including creative wedding proposals for long-distance couples, a survey to help the site follow dating trends and discussion on LDR-related music, films and books.

URL: http://sylviajshipp.typepad.com/

Bragging Rights: it’s difficult and lonely but still so much better

Separated by Oceans breaks down those clear and difficult hurdles facing couples separated by great distance. Posts like “The Ups and Downs of the Airport” and “Making Up When You’re Far Apart” look at the emotional aspects of dating, with advice for creative activities couples can try together while apart.

URL: http://separatedbyoceans.blogspot.com/

Bragging Rights: one day you’ll be together

Project One Day is a site that combines photos and text to “reflect the hopes, dreams and desires of those who love without distance.” Since its launch in 2007, the site offers advice for couples to use travel to reconnect. Don’t forget about the mapped registry of other couples also in long-distance relationships and look for resources for inspiration and hope.

URL: http://project-oneday.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: extremely open-minded

Long Distance Stories is a collaboration among people in similar long-distance relationships, offering support and wisdom. This site loves the written word, including detailed essays and thoughtful material. All types of relationships are explored, from young and old, to gay and straight. Check out the LDR Playlists for inspirational music tracks and date ideas when you’re running out of things to do.

URL: http://longdistancestories.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: connecting you with other long-distance couples

Three female friends got together for this blog, which includes views and laughs about the realities of long-distance relationships. Danielle, Katie and Brittany strive to bring readers the best content about keeping things strong between partners. Pictures and love stories from readers line the pages, with ways to live together while living apart.

URL: http://defyingthedistance.tumblr.com/

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