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10 Best Love Blogs

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While the beginning of the dating process is usually frustrating and nerve-wracking, the end goal is always worth it. Once you find love, all the turmoil along the way doesn’t seem to matter anymore.

Our 10 Best Love Blogs celebrate the magic of being in love and serve as a reminder that love really does show up when we least expect it.

Bragging Rights: The real thing

A Blog About Love was created by real-life married couple Mara and Danny, who share their amazing love story with their readers. The couple, who has been married for three years, helps encourage people to fill their own lives with that kind of pure love every day. The blog is sweet to the core, and the inspiring posts (“How Can I Find Love in a Healthy Way?”) are accompanied by equally inspiring photos.

Social Clout: 1,729+ followers, 1,050+ likes

URL: http://www.ablogaboutlove.com/

Bragging Rights: Dedicated to love – the good, bad and unknown

Consisting almost entirely of beautiful images that reflect love in a variety of ways, Le Love Image is bursting at the seems with love. The content is made up of reader submissions that include stories, quotes and more. The submissions are touching and heartbreaking at times – just like real love. This is a place for readers to comfortably share their experiences and get advice.

Social Clout: 2,880+ followers, 720+ likes

URL: http://leloveimage.blogspot.com/

Bragging Rights: For those seeking love and looking to share

Mastin Kipp is the mastermind behind The Daily Love, which strives to help people “connect with what makes them happy.” Famously endorsed by Oprah and Kim Kardashian, Kipp is the real deal. He delivers soulful information that makes his audience want to get the most out of love every day. Besides the fabulous content, take a look at the events calendar and mentoring program.

Social Clout: 574,393+ followers, 73,123+ likes

URL: http://thedailylove.com/


Bragging Rights: Helping you get the love you want

Run by the cutest couple on earth, Orna and Matthew Walters, Creating Love on Purpose puts readers in the driver’s seat of their love lives. If you want love in your life, you need to get proactive in making it happen. Orna and Matthew are there to help you out. The couple exudes romance and authenticity, and readers can sense their love is pure. They are the couple we all want to be a part of.

Social Clout: 1,176+ likes, 678+ followers

URL: http://www.creatingloveonpurpose.com/

Bragging Rights: Representatives of love

Not only are Susie and Otto Collins relationship coaches, authors and speakers, but they are also a couple that is madly in love. And that love radiates off the pages of their blog. Susie and Otto work well together with their advice, so readers get both the male and female perspective. Who better to tell you about love than a couple that is actually living it?

Social Clout: 436+ likes, 117+ followers

URL: http://www.susieandotto.com/

Bragging Rights: Licensed in the art of love

Tina Tessina is Dr. Romance. The licensed marriage and family therapist’s blog consists of her musings on love, relationships and life in general. And she sure has a lot to say. With reader questions, videos and article after article, readers are surrounded by helpful tips. Tessina is kind and encouraging, but she also pushes you to always be moving forward in your life because love waits for no one.

Social Clout: 8,295+ followers

URL: http://drromance.typepad.com/

Bragging Rights: Passionate about love

Jennie, the creator of Jen’s Love Lessons, truly loves love. As a wife and mother of three, she is always learning about love and sharing her findings. Being a Ph.D. in interpersonal communication and an assistant professor at JMU, Jennie tackles love through a scientific approach. Don’t forget to check out her love surveys and articles like, “Finding Someone Who Will Last Past Saturday Night.”

Social Clout: 506+ likes

URL: http://www.jenslovelessons.com/

Tres Sugar


Bragging Rights: One-stop love shop

What would love be without romantic summer movies and hot date ideas to keep the love spark alive? Well, it wouldn’t be love. That’s where TresSugar.com comes in. Run by the popular Pop Sugar Inc., which was founded in 2006, the site is trendy and hip with a focus on entertainment in relation to love. It has everything you could ever want to know about love all in one place.

Social Clout: 4,256+ followers

URL: http://www.tressugar.com/

Bragging Rights: Love is your best friend

Betty Confidential is an online women’s magazine that features unique content dedicated to speaking to readers on a personal friendship level. Since its launch in 2008, the site has worked hard to report on the good and bad that comes with love. From reporting on celebs who have renewed their vows to interactive polls, it’s all there waiting for you to join in.

Social Clout: 9,379+ followers, 9,270+ likes

URL: http://bettyconfidential.com/

Bragging Rights: The male perspective on love

A Love Journal is run by Shaun Fletcher, who gives women insight into a man’s mind when it comes to love. As an effective communicator, Fletcher is interactive and establishes an open dialogue from the get-go. Everyone feels comfortable giving their opinion. Each “session” covers a different topic about love, so don’t be scared to share your failures and successes.

Social Clout: 502+ followers

URL: http://alovejournal.com/

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