17 Things That Look Like Penises But Arent

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17 Things That Look Like Penises (But Aren’t)

Hayley Matthews
Hayley Matthews Updated:
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Considering how often you see actual penises, it’s pretty surprising at how many things look like penises that aren’t. Check out these 17 phallic finds!

17. See Spot Go

See Spot Go
This dog probably has really good luck with the ladies.

16. Welcome Home

Welcome Home
Nothing like looking through a giant penis every day.

15. Tallest Tower

Tallest Tower
That must’ve required one hell of a job!

14. Potato-rection

There would be a sick satisfaction with cooking and eating it.

13. Fuzzy Wuzzy

Fuzzy Wuzzy
Who knew something phallic could be so adorable?

12. Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz
He can’t wait to get inside your mouth.

11. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse
We’d heard about these hidden Disney images…

10. Boner Bridge

Boner Bridge
When the sun comes, so do they.

9. Sounds Delicious

Sounds Delicious
Can we just get a piece of the chef?

8. Going Up

Going Up
Imagine it dangling over your head!

7. Subway System

Subway System
It’ll take you for a ride, alright.

6. Fountain Head

 Fountain Head
Looks like a man-made structure to us!

5. Hard Formation

Hard Formation
Wouldn’t that be fun to climb on to?

4. Messing Around

Messing Around
She had to know what she was doing, right?

3. Naughty Santa

Naughty Santa
Not even Christmas chocolate is safe.

2. Pillow Willie

Pillow Willie
Perfect for resting your head on!

1. Oh, Herman

Oh, Herman
We’d like a taste of that sausage!

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