19 Things Your Girlfriend Should Never Know At Least For Now

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9 Things Your Girlfriend Should Never Know (At Least for Now)

Leon Scott Baxter
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As “America’s Relationship Guru,” I’m all about helping couples build strong and romantic connections. That means there needs to be trust. If there’s no trust in a marriage, then there will be discontent down the road.

Letting your wife in on your little secrets is something I think is important in building a strong connection, but when you’re still dating, there are some things I think guys should keep to themselves, at least for a while.

There will come a time when you are comfortable enough with her to let her see “that side” of you, but when you’re dating, you’ve got to keep her around long enough to get to that point.

Here are nine things your girlfriend should never know:

9. Watching reruns of “The Golden Girls” on Hulu turns you on.


8. You can’t grow a real beard, but do cat beards count?


7. You know all the words to “Muskrat Love” by heart.


6. Your fear of spiders makes Ron Weasley look brave.

0008_Ron after Mad-eye drops a spider on him

5. “Toy Story 3” makes you ugly cry.


4. You only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials.


3. Hillary Clinton sexually excites you.

hillary wink

2. You dig for nose gold when you think no one is looking.


1. The only spare sheets you have are “Star Wars” themed.


The truth is if your girlfriend is a free spirit and is open-minded, maybe she’s cool with your “My Little Pony” collection. However, being that open about yourself right away can scare away many prospective long-term partners.

I’m not advocating lying, but you don’t need to offer up any of the above nine on your own. Tread lightly. Put your toe in the water and then your foot. Avoid cannonballing.

As we get to know each other, we grow to accept our partner’s idiosyncrasies. Sometimes we even grow to love them.
But until that time, maybe refrain from telling her about the six cats you let sleep on your bed with you every night. Just sayin’.
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