3 Mindsets Get New Years Eve

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3 Mindsets to Get You Through New Year’s Eve

David Wygant
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We’re heading into the silly season. New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. How do you cope with New Year’s Eve?

If you struggle to cope with the craziest night of the year, here are three great mindset tips to help you through the 31st of December 2013.

1. It’s only a Tuesday.

It’s a date on the calendar. Normally on a Tuesday you’re doing absolutely nothing except going to work, coming home and maybe watching some television.

It’s just one night of the year. It’s the most over-hyped thing in the world.

Think about it: One night isn’t going to change the 364 other nights of the year you’ve just had.

As a matter of fact, come the middle of January, you’re not even going to be able to remember most of what you did on New Year’s Eve, nor are you going to care.

You need to realize it’s just another Tuesday night. Get out of the mindset that it has to be the night something amazing happens to you.

You’re not going to meet the love of your life, and you’re not going to hook up with some beautiful supermodel. Nothing dramatic is going to change for you.

If you go into New Year’s Eve expecting the party of the year, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Take the pressure off yourself.

“Every day is another

chance to be amazing.”

2. Be thankful.

You made it through another year, and you should be thankful for that. Remember how lucky you are to have the little things in life. Remember how good it is to sit around with a group of friends, eat good food and have amazing conversation.

In fact, for me that’s the perfect way to spend New Year’s. No booze, no narcotics and no madness. Not everything is going to change because the clock strikes midnight.

It’s a bunch of BS, which brings us nicely to number three…

3. How do you want to begin the year?

How do you want to feel Jan. 1? Do you want to start the year with a clear head, or do you want to feel like somebody smashed a sledgehammer through your brain?

I believe every day is the start of a new year. Every day you have an opportunity to become a new version of you, make changes and achieve your goals. Every day gives you the chance to start again.

It’s so important to get your mindset right around New Year’s. Remember when the clock hits midnight, nothing has changed.

Do you still want to go and get drunk? Do you still want to chase the night? Do you still want to hunt for the party of the year?

Or have you realized every day is just a continuation of the day before? Every day is another chance to shine, another chance to be amazing and another chance to connect with beautiful people.

Now that is something to celebrate. Don’t worry if you aren’t invited to the top parties. Who cares if you’re not with a beautiful woman yet? Relax and enjoy another Tuesday night!

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