3 Reasons Why You Should Give The Crazy Girl A Chance

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3 Reasons Why You Should Give the Crazy Girl a Chance

Elizabeth Marie
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I’m guessing you’re familiar with “The Crazy Girl.” She’s the one who calls the guy she went out with once over and over again, wants to have “the talk” after two dates or let it slip that she did a little bit of harmless Facebook stalking when you didn’t call and subsequently tracked you down at a bar in town to ask you why (thanks, check-ins!)

Everyone knows The Crazy Girl and every woman has probably been her at one point or another.

Most guys run away screaming when they get the impression the woman they are dating is a total Stage 5 Clinger, but I’m here to tell you to slow down and give crazy a chance.

Here’s why:

1. She (most likely) isn’t crazy at all.

Unless she’s boiling bunnies a la Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction,” the girl who won’t stop calling you isn’t crazy. Overly eager and insecure? Yes, but not crazy.

Some women didn’t get the memo that playing cool and holding back is more attractive than putting all their cards on the table from the get-go.

If they did get the memo, they are choosing to ignore it.

Maybe she isn’t into playing games and is afraid you’re going to pass her by. Maybe her overuse of the redial button is her way of hoping you don’t forget her.

I’m not giving her eager behavior a green light, but I am saying it’s not reason enough to discard her as crazy, especially if you liked her before.


“When an otherwise rational woman starts

acting cray cray, you shouldn’t call her a nutcase.”

2. Dating is hard.

Newsflash: Dating kind of sucks. It’s a time-wasting, game-playing, heartbreaking circle jerk…except for when it’s not, of course.

Chances are the woman who is acting crazy has had her heart broken one too many times, and this is her (albeit backwards) way of trying to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

It all comes down to control.

Dating can make you feel so extremely helpless (waiting by the phone, waiting for a guy to ask you out, wondering if he’s seeing other people and so on) that sometimes women need to feel like they are playing an active role in the process, not just sitting on the sidelines.

Dating is hard, and maybe she’s been through a lot and just wants to get to know you!

3. She’s an open book.

When an otherwise rational, “normal” woman starts acting a bit cray cray over a guy, you shouldn’t call her a nutcase and send her to voice mail. Heck no! You should be stoked that she’s into you and not afraid to show it.

She’s not playing hard to get, toying with your emotions or expecting you to guess how she’s feeling as other women tend to do.

She’s an open book, and you have to admit it’s kind of refreshing to date someone who is completely authentic.

Sure, she’s acting a bit too passionately, but she’s passionate about YOU and going after what she wants. Determination is sexy, right?

Guys, have you ever dated a Stage 5 Clinger? How do you plan on reacting the next time you date a “crazy” girl?

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