3 Surefire Ways To Attract The Woman Of Your Dreams

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3 Surefire Ways to Attract the Woman of Your Dreams

Robert Rodriguez
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Openness is an essential key in being able to attract someone. It dramatically raises your chances of finding someone compatible with you.

Your brain may be sabotaging your level of openness without you knowing it. However, once you learn a little bit about what ‘s behind this concept, it will make a lot of sense.

1. Be observant.

One main aspect of being open that allows you to attract someone is observation. Observation happens when you let down your walls. If you are closed off, it not only closes you off to others, but it also doesn’t allow you to be observant of others.

When you’re observant of others, it allows you to respond and communicate with them.

You have to clear your mind and allow what the other person is doing to fill that space. Listen to them. Watch their expressions and movements and listen to the subject matter being discussed.

From there, you can tailor your responses to let them know they are being considered. You also get to absorb more information about the person.

Often all you have to do is listen and be observant to get a woman attracted to you. Action then becomes secondary. You will just have to take minimal actions to make things go through.

For example, a girl can tell you she likes hiking. Let’s say she has an excited look on her face and is really enthusiastic about it. All you have to do is suggest going hiking. Then be quiet. See what she says in response. Let her talk more.

On the other hand, if you didn’t notice she mentioned hiking, you missed the opportunity. Then you may have introduced something random like bowling and will start trying to pressure her to do that.

She might end up saying no. Or worse, she could end up turned off completely and not talk to you again.

Observation is only one ingredient in the recipe for openness.

2. Express yourself.

Self-expression is the other essential ingredient. Self-expression happens when you are open. The more open you are, the more self-expression you are able to show to others.

Basically, this allows you to say, “This is me and I love who I am.” People generally accept those who are completely uninhibited.

Otherwise you are saying, “I don’t like who I am.” Why should anyone like you if you don’t like who you are? When you are comfortable with yourself, others will be comfortable with you.

Expression should always be happening on your part. Never be ashamed to express who you are and what you like.

Even if you are a comic book or video game fanatic, you will have a better outcome if you just put it all out there. You will end up attracting someone with your same interests or someone who is at least interested in knowing more about it.

3. Let yourself be vulnerable.

As a special note, many people will close off after painful experiences, such as perceived rejection or failed relationships. It protects you from rejection or being hurt again, but it also closes you off to letting good people into your life.

Part of meeting great people is being vulnerable and knowing you could get hurt.

Imagine building a huge fence with barbed wire around your house. It is going to make it safer for you, but it also is going to keep good people away.

Always keep your mind in an open state. You will draw people in much closer. At that point, you will get a very clear picture of who they are and you will be able to feel it out. If they are right for you, you will be able to sense it deep down.

Observe and express. Keep your mind blank when the other person is expressing themselves. Express yourself while showing you are being considerate.

Openness is one of the best ways to attract more people into your life and to be happier overall.

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