4 Ways To Make Women Notice You

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4 Ways to Make Women Notice You

Eduard Ezeanu
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If people notice you when you walk into a room, it means you’ve already put your best foot forward.

Getting noticed in a social setting as soon as you make your appearance is always a good thing, and it’s often the start of some very good social experiences.

If you want to get noticed more when you walk into a room, here are four simple ideas that are guaranteed to create instant results for you.

1. Dress to stand out.

Most people dress to fit in. They wear dull colors and they copy others in terms of style.

This is certain to make them not stand out, which means others will rarely notice when them make their appearance in a setting.

You don’t want to be this person. Dress to stand out, not to fit in.

It doesn’t mean you should take on the most flamboyant style of dressing you can think of. Just wearing a few unique elements and adding personality to your appearance is typically enough.

2. Smile.

A smile is a simple yet powerful way to get noticed.

We are much more inclined to see people who smile because smiling conveys cheerfulness and confidence, two much desired traits.

We first detect them with our peripheral vision when they walk into a room, and then our whole conscious focus often goes to them.

So when you enter a social setting, remember to put a subtle but noticeable smile on your face. Even if you don’t feel like smiling, the mood will come to you as you do it.

You’ll notice others look at you more as you move through the environment.


“Social settings are your oyster. Treat

them accordingly and enjoy yourself.”

3. Walk with conviction.

Many people have this sort of dispassionate way of walking, especially when they’re in a new social setting. They almost look as if they’re zombies: slow steps, no hand movement, slouched posture and so on.

If you walk with conviction, you are certain to get noticed among these people.

Sit up straight, move faster, swing your hands with determination but without going over the top, and try to generally have a good dose of energy in your whole body, holding it and propelling it forward.

4. Go in with the right crowd.

The people you’re with when you walk into a room can also play a key role in how much you get noticed.

In general, a group of people gets more noticed than a single person, so it’s always best if you can go to a social event and enter the venue with a group of friends rather than by yourself.

On top of this, if your company stands out, or comprises some of the recognized cool people in that setting, your whole group will get a lot more attention when you make your appearance.

This means you’ll also get more attention as an individual.

Having people’s attention by itself can feel great, but don’t stop there. Do something with it.

Get social as soon as you’ve arrive. Meet people and talk to them. You’ll get noticed even more and make a great first impression.

Social settings are your oyster. Treat them accordingly and enjoy yourself.

Guys, do you have trouble getting noticed by women? Which tip did you find most helpful? What are your strategies for getting a woman’s attention?

Eduard Ezeanu coaches men and women who feel socially awkward and helps them learn how to stop being shy and master all types of social situations. He also shares advice on his blog, Art of Confidence.

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