5 Best Blogs for Sugar Daddies & Babies

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5 Best Blogs for Sugar Daddies & Babies

Hayley Matthews
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Many singles want to sweeten their love lives with a little sugar, but they don’t always know how to get started or what the rules and expectations are. Blogs for sugar daddies and sugar babies can do a lot to explain the nuances of this rich world.

These five blogs offer tips, tricks, and insights into how to be the best sugar baby or sugar daddy you can be.

David Montrose practically wrote the book on sugar dating. His blog is filled with candid shots into his time as a sugar daddy, the good and the bad. He also offers his opinions on different debates in the sugar bowl and ties in lyrics with many of his posts, for those of you who want a song that says what you’re thinking.

Social clout: 676+ followers, 120+ likes

URL: sugardaddydiary.com

Angel considers herself a veteran sugar baby, so she has a lot to share on the topic. Her blog not only covers her own adventures as a sugar baby, but it also answers tons of questions ranging from how to create your profile on a sugar bowl dating site to how to set up an allowance with your sugar daddy. She has the tough-love advice you’ve been looking for.

Social clout: 51+ followers

URL: blondeangelbaby.com

Lisa Schmidt is a former sugar baby herself, and she knows what she’s talking about when it comes to the sugar dating world. She offers great advice and even matchmaking services for those looking for their own SD or SB. There’s a reason you can find her work all over the Internet — she’s that good. “If you’re not comfortable with negotiating or asking for certain things, it’s one of those things that can make you or break you,” she says. “Your approach cannot be different from regular dating or in life in general.”

Social clout: 155+ followers, 158+ likes

URL: sugardaddydiaries.wordpress.com

This sugar baby may keep her name to herself, but she is more than happy to share what she has learned in her experiences! She documents her excursions and the men she meets along the way. She insists on playing the game by her rules, even if that makes things more difficult. She also takes questions submitted through her blog.

Social clout: 54+ followers

URL: diaryofsugarbaby.tumblr.com

SeekingArrangement.com is the largest dating website for people wanting sugar relationships. They keep their blog well-stocked with posts on practically any question you could think of, ranging from the pros and cons of pay-per-meet arrangements to the ins and outs of juggling IRL dating with the sugar lifestyle. These folks are thorough and knowledgeable.

Social clout: 16,185+ likes, 185+ followers

URL: seekingarrangement.com

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