5 Best Dating Etiquette Blogs

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5 Best Dating Etiquette Blogs

Hayley Matthews Hayley Matthews

The rules of dating change faster than you can learn them. You may ask yourself how you’re supposed to be on top of your game when the game won’t stop switching things up?

Well we’re giving you a cheat sheet – the 5 Best Dating Etiquette Blogs. These will teach you everything you need to know.

Bragging Rights: making 21st century dating simpler

With tips that go across the spectrum of dating, the It’s Just Lunch blog makes sure you’re prepared for literally any kind of dating scenario. If you have a question about what you should do, then they have the answer – all you have to do is use their handy search bar to find it!

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Twitter Handle: @Its_Just_Lunch

URL: itsjustlunchblog.com

Bragging Rights: knowing everything you need to know

You might not think about About.com as a great resource for dating, but trust us – it is. Their dating section has countless articles on what to do and what not to do throughout every stage of the game. You can even opt to get their dating newsletter so the tips come straight to your inbox for when you want them.

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Twitter Handle: @datingguide

URL: dating.about.com

Bragging Rights: teaching you exactly what to do and when

While we’d refer to Emily Post for any etiquette questions you might have, their dating etiquette is on point. The information is conveniently broken up into different articles, whether it’s “blind date basics” or “the manners of safe sex.” If you’re ever unsure what to do for a date, just check out their Etipedia – it’ll tell you.

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URL: emilypost.com

Bragging Rights: keeping dating dignified

Marni Battista has a knack for figuring things out that no one else knows, which is why she maintains her blog with tricks of the dating trade. She’ll show you how to succeed in love by teaching you how to date with the rules you should’ve been using all along. You’ll learn more dating etiquette from her blog than anywhere else.

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URL: datingwithdignity.com

Bragging Rights: plays the part of your best friend

If your best friend isn’t around to offer etiquette advice (or you want to double-check they’re right), LoveToKnow is the place to go. They can teach you all you need to know about dating and more. With tons of articles separated into different topics, you’ll be busy for quite a while as you work your way through them all.

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