5 Correct Ways To Flirt With Women

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5 Correct Ways to Flirt With Women [Video]

Marni Kinrys
Marni Kinrys Updated:
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Apparently, I’m behind the eight ball on this, but I just started watching the first season of “Orange is the New Black.” It’s amazing, funny, sexy and entertaining.

I found a great example of how to flirt with women and create attraction from the show. It’s a scene between a lesbian and a straight girl. She gets the straight girl to sleep with her, which means what I’m showing you works.

I honestly felt excited while watching this clip because I could feel myself in the blonde girl’s position. My commentary is part of the video that explains exactly what is happening that makes the blonde woman excited.

Here’s a rundown of what the brunette did and why it worked:

  1. Start with a small tease and nickname to get her attention — don’t forget to be playful and fun!
  2. Once you have her interest and attention, MOVE FAST! Immediate action is required, so make sure you take it and do what it takes to talk to her!
  3. Continue to tease her playfully and NICELY. This always builds curiosity and weakens a woman’s defenses.
  4. Demonstrate your own value in the moment, and then offer up a compliment to create a connection.
  5. Don’t forget to ASK her something based on the things you observe about her and the current moment. This intensifies the connection by getting her to open up to you.

Have fun flirting!

Photo source: tinselblog.wordpress.com