5 Sensual Blogs Thatd Make Barry White Blush

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5 Sensual Blogs That’d Make Barry White Blush

Hayley Matthews
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Sensuality is the essence of eroticism. It paints a picture in fiction and sets the literal scene in real life. It forms the tactile way we respond to sexual stimuli – something these five sites understand all too well.

Our 5 Best Sensual Blogs were selected for offering a consistent canvas for exploring what sexy actually means and where you can find it.

Bragging Rights: true tales of activism

Aroused Woman Blog wants to stir your passions and feed your fire, but in a clever twist, they frame their erotic delights around empowering women, expanding sexual freedom and defying a culture steeped in shame and guilt. Powerful voices track down the latest in news, opinion and fiction, which is all drawn around the aroused woman.

Social clout: 2,376+ followers, 120+ likes


Bragging Rights: erotic romance 24/7

Sensual Reads is a sexy blog filled with short stories and novellas focusing on every type of sexual peccadillo. The hosts offer a complete overview of the genre, both in print and digital selections. They promise to take you from soft back to a hard cover in two pages flat.

Social clout: 1,007+ followers, 420+ likes

URL: http://sensualreads.com/

Bragging Rights: I swing, you swing, we all swing for one thing…

Shalynne and Rick are the hosts of Indiscretions Blog, which follows their swinging adventures and the changing meaning of an open relationship. Bringing swingers into the digital age, they cover what turns them on and what makes their eyes pop. It’s a fun, decadent and serious exploration of life outside of monogamy.

Social clout: 80+ followers


Bragging Rights: bringing sensuality to all adult settings

This broker of adult services offers a candid look at sex in our times and the bizarre and sometimes funny ways in which it happens. Posts like “How Kinky Am I?” offer readers a chance to rate their freakness and claim their fetish. She provides insight on everything topical, practically drawing a street map to the G-Spot.


Bragging Rights: everything related to love

Sensual-Love-Kisses provides eye candy of a very adult variety, including erotic photos of a decidedly selective nature. Here images are crisp, stylish and often poetic, capturing in still photograph or video snips that which entices, seduces and beguiles. Sometimes they leave much to the imagination, while others are clear snapshots of unadulterated passion.


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