5 Things Every Single Guy Should Have In His Fridge

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5 Things Every Single Guy Should Have in His Fridge

John Stonehill
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Nothing says more about who we are than what we eat and what we drink. It provides the ultimate insight into our health, appearance, income, lifestyle and even the kind of romantic partner we’ll be.

That’s how I’d come to realize that checking my date’s fridge was the perfect preview to what lay ahead. Like the preview of a movie, you don’t get the full picture, but you get a damn good idea if you have a romantic comedy or a scary tragedy on your hands.

Trust me, I know. I’ve stuck my nose in a lot of cold places.

We have two basic goals when it comes to dating: sex and marriage. For most of us, it’s the former before the latter.

On the road to Pleasure Town, the first stop is usually your bedroom. Whether it’s date one, four or 10, your date will end up back at your place at some point. If it took until date 10, we need to talk.

It’s where the magic happens. Getting your date back there should be 90 percent of the work. At that point, they’re interested. At that point, as long as you play your cards right, they should be a layup.

The feeling your date gets during that first visit will dictate a lot about where things go from there and whether your date’s ready to bang or ready to bolt by the end of the night.

So be a good host, pave the way for some quality time together and make them feel at home (because when we’re home, there’s one thing we all do: take our clothes off.)

Here are five products you should have in your fridge to help make that happen…

1. Wine.

There’s a reason this shit’s worked for three thousand years. Nothing’s better at loosening you guys up and getting the banter bus rolling than a glass of happy juice.

Extra credit: Champers. It’s the perfect excuse for an impromptu celebration, even if it’s to toast your first date, first kiss or the first time you saw each other naked.

2. Hors d’oeuvre. 

Always have a snack on hand and one that won’t spoil easily, such as hummus or edamame. Dating is like the Boy Scouts: always be prepared.

Extra credit: If you can pair the snack with the wine you have, such as a cheese or a prosciutto, even better. A good virgin olive oil is also killer. It makes bread gourmet and you classy.

“When you guys can have fun

chilling at home, that’s a keeper.”

3. Bottled water.

Even if you’re in New York City, where tap water is better than bottled, it puts your date at ease knowing she’s drinking a quality glass of H2O. (And a date at ease is one ready to please.)

Extra credit: Ice in the freezer for the water or to show off your bartending skills.

4. Munchies in the freezer.

Whether it’s chicken quesadillas, White Castle burgers or a tray of lasagna, be ready to feed them if it’s too late for delivery. It’s one more reason for them to stay over.

Extra credit: a dozen eggs to make breakfast in the morning.

5. Dessert.

It doesn’t have to be fancy and should never be perishable.

These recommendations shouldn’t have to be restocked on a regular basis if you’re going through a dry spell. They are just something fun to share, like a pint of Häagen-Dazs or a bar of chocolate, which some say is an aphrodisiac (sha-wing!)

As we’ve all experienced, having a fun a night out with a date is great, but when you guys can have just as much fun chilling at home, that’s a keeper.

You don’t need all the cool toys. Just have the above five to make your pad as comfy, fun and inviting as possible.

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