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5 Trends to Look for in Proposals This Year

Marvin Velazquez
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As with pretty much everything in our society, new trends appear in almost every industry.

We see it in the way people communicate, their weddings and their ways of having fun. It’s no surprise either that marriage proposals see trends year after year.

Below are trends that are expected to be seen this year in marriage proposals.

1. Videography more commonplace

As a proposal planner, I always tell clients they should document their proposal so they can reminisce on it with their friends and family.

Most clients choose to get a photographer so they can have professional quality photos.

The latest trend we have seen is more and more people are having interest in videotaping their proposal. This gives them the perk of sharing it on any computer or mobile device and also showing it to their future kids.

Most filmed proposals as also edited to short trailers with music, so the impact is even greater.

2. Musical groups instead of flash mobs

Flash mobs are soooo 2012 (though they may still be suitable for you and your girlfriend, especially if you haven’t seen one firsthand.)

The new way to stand out from the crowd is to use a musical group instead of a flash mob. Think of an a cappella group planted in a public place you are going to.

Musical groups are more intimate than flash mobs and can have more meaning.

3. An end to the cliche proposals (or at least a decline)

Hopefully, we will see the end of the completely cliche proposals this year.

Jumbotrons have always been a huge no-no, but somehow people keep thinking their partners have always dreamed about being proposed to on a Jumbotron while walking in between narrow aisles holding their nachos. Maybe not so much.

Also, dropping the ring in a champagne glass at dinner was never great to begin with and only brings to mind images of bad 1980s romance movies.

With proposals becoming more personalized, hopefully these cliche proposals will go away once and for all!

“To make something creative, stick

with elements of your relationship.”

4. Incorporating more friends and family

We’re seeing more and more people incorporate their friends and family into the proposal. I personally think this is great because it allows you to create a surprise factor by using them as a decoy.

Alternatively, if they’re surprising your partner at the proposal site, then their presence creates a greater emotional experience. Plus, it will be the perfect opportunity to go celebrate with all of your friends and family right after.

If you do this, make sure to have some quiet time with your partner to reflect back on your new step in your relationship.

5. More creative and unique proposals

With the (hopeful) demise of the cliche proposals, more unique and creative proposals will come up.

Sure you can do something simple and meaningful to your relationship, but if you want to create a memorable story you will want to share with your friends, family and children down the road, why not go all out?

To make something creative, you should still stick with elements of your relationship but figure out a way to incorporate that into your proposal.

If you manage that, then you’ll not only get a resounding “YES!” but will also be proud of your proposal story.

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