5 Ways To Meet Swingers While Traveling

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5 Ways to Meet Swingers While Traveling

John Melfi
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Jackie and I don’t play at our clubs because we don’t think it’s a good idea to mix business and pleasure, but we love to travel! When we do, that’s the time we let loose and play with other swingers and singles.

Our search for swingers starts before we leave Dallas. These are five ways to find other couples to have a good time with.

1. Adult social sites

We normally begin by checking the adult social sites that we are active on. There are many of these type of sites out there.

A search for “swingers dating sites” will bring up a host to choose from on the first couple of pages of the search. Most of the sites you can join for free just by filling out a profile page and posting a photo of yourself. Some will have free trial memberships.

If you try out a few different sites, you can get a feel for the ones you like best and then purchase a membership that will give you access to all of the site’s features.

Adult social sites

A search for “swingers dating sites” will bring up a host to choose from on the first couple of pages of the search.

Some have a better concentration of couples in certain U.S. cities or the geographic areas in which you live or travel to. Others are better for Europe and South America.

Once you have decided on one or two, you can start your search for like-minded people based on age, couples or singles, what they like to do sexually, their play boundaries and location if you are traveling somewhere else.

Some of the sites also have a travel alert feature to let couples know you are visiting their area, which is something we love!

2. Swingers clubs

The next step in our search for swingers is to seek out the swingers clubs and parties in the area we are traveling to.

The swingers dating sites are also a good resource for this. Most of them have a club and party section on the site that can be searched geographically. Once there, you can peruse the clubs’ websites and see if it’s a place for you.

There are many types of clubs and parties out there. Some are bars or lounges where couples can meet and mingle, but sex isn’t allowed there. This type of club is an off-premise club (sex is only allowed off premise), so many swingers go to a hotel after they meet someone.

The other type is an on-premise club (you can have sex at the club.) These clubs normally have an area to socialize and scope out prospective swingers, meet, get to know each other, maybe dance and then head off to the playrooms. This is the type of club Jackie and I own and prefer when we are traveling.

3. Swingers resorts

Why not just go on vacation to an exotic place that’s full of swingers? There are some great beach locations that cater to swingers and nudists.

Swingers resorts

There are some great beach locations that cater to swingers and nudists.

Hedonism II in Jamaica has been around since the early ’80s and is one of the most well-known of the swingers resorts. They have a prude beach and nude beach, pools and hot tubs and plenty of water activities. If you are looking for the action, check out the hot tub on the nude beach. There you can always find swingers ready to party.

There are other resorts on the Mexican coastline, including Desire Resorts. All of these resorts are adult only and all inclusive — all of your food and drinks are included.

4. Swingers cruise ship takeovers

How about 3,000 swingers at one time on board a cruise ship?! A few years ago, this would have been only a fantasy. Today there are a variety of different cruises to choose from that cater to swingers.

Pick where you want to cruise to. The Caribbean? A European river cruise? South America or the Mediterranean? All of these charters are full ship takeovers that allow specific areas of the ship to be clothing optional, and they normally have part of the ship converted into group playrooms, transforming the ship into a floating swingers club.

It doesn’t get any more wild than that! Going on a swingers cruise is a great way to vacation and meet sexy couples from around the world.

5. Swingers conventions

Another type of takeover is a hotel takeover or swingers convention.

Our favorite is Naughty ‘n’ Nawlins. It takes place every year in the heart of New Orleans. It kicks off with a police-escorted swingers parade down Bourbon Street, different theme parties every night in the nightclub of the hotel and many other parties at local bars and clubs in the city.

The convention also provides workshops and seminars for couples, like how to give an erotic massage and couples speed dating. This convention is a great way to see and experience New Orleans, and you have more than 1,000 swingers you can choose from!

Swingers conventions

Naughty ‘n’ Nawlins kicks off with a swingers parade down Bourbon Street and themed parties every night.

We’ve mentioned a few ways in which we have found other open-minded couples while on vacation, but there are definitely more.

Be sure to check out the blogs on our site, openlove101.com, where we discuss in more detail some of these vacation getaways, and keep looking for us here on DatingAdvice.com, where we will be posting additional articles about open relationships and the swinger lifestyle.

Until then, have fun and stay open-minded!

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