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Pucker Up! 6 Best Blogs for Kissing, Smooching & Everything in Between

C. Price
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A kiss is just a kiss, but you’ll remember these blogs for how well they celebrate the idea. Kissing can be communication or art. Kissing can even represent the whole human experience.

Our six best kissing blogs were selected for their style, substance and selection of simply the best in locking lips.

Bragging Rights: kissing, charity and kissing for charity

The first goal at Kiss Chronicles is raising funds for cancer patients and charities through the beauty of kissing. The site aims to give cancer a metaphorical punch in the kisser while encouraging a positive spirit. News updates track their efforts at every fundraiser, as well as cover events and personal stories of triumph.

Social Clout: 355+ followers, 201+ likes

URL: http://kisschronicles.com/

Baccia Me


Bragging Rights: devoted to the art of kissing

From black and white snapshots to sepia tone stills, Baccia Me clearly chooses only those shots where epic kissing meets stellar photography. The hosts find them through postcards, professional modeling sessions and even that everyday camera phone action where lightning is caught is a bottle. Couples of all varieties are welcome.

URL: http://kissing.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: advice from a NYC taxi driver

Taxis or cabs are often a true source of serious romance, including long-awaited reunions or those sad airport drop-offs. From a hardworking New York City cab driver, posts like “The Kissing Hail” chronicles his own fares and the stories they inspire while offering thoughtful advice, sincere observations and witty opinions.

URL: http://cabsareforkissing.blogspot.com/

Bragging Rights: one of the Web’s oldest kissing venues

Fuck Yeah Kissing gets tons of submissions, but like the name suggests, it only features those snapshots that truly tell a convincing story or tap into a real emotion. Celebrating its fifth anniversary this month, the site offers a hefty archive of the best in smooching. All types of love are embraced here.

URL: http://fuckyeahkissing.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: kissing in motion

Kissing GIFS get special treatment here, bringing motion and intensity to the kisses they capture. Snapshots, period photographs and honeymoon albums are used to paint on ongoing collage, with the host regularly answering questions, offering advice and promoting good kissing skills.

URL: http://kissinggifs.tumblr.com/

Bragging Rights: breaking down the story behind the images

At The Kissing Bucket List, they encourage you to stay beautiful and embrace the one you’re kissing. Every type of kissing snapshot is offered, from the silly and romantic, to the cute and insane. It kissing the way you want to be kissed, often in stunning and crystal clear photography.

URL: http://thekissingbucketlist.tumblr.com/

Photo source: thecampbelltimes.com