6 Ways To Make A Better Sex Tape Than Kim Kardashian

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6 Ways to Make a Better Sex Tape Than Kim Kardashian

Katie B.
Katie B. Updated:
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Who out there likes to watch themselves have sex? (Who doesn’t?) Closet mirrors, mirrors on the ceiling, bathroom mirrors – all are prime looking places to get more turned on during a solo, partnered or group sexual encounter.

What’s the next step after mirrors? Recording, of course! Not only do you get the thrill of being recorded, but you get the ability to watch your session over and over later on.
Mirrors are great for in-the-moment satisfaction, but recording has a bit more staying power.
But how do you go about recording yourselves safely and correctly?
The first time J and I recorded ourselves was after we bit the bullet and bought a nifty camcorder and tripod. It was insanely hot for both of us to fuck in front of a camera and watch it later.
I had a feeling I would love it after realizing how much I like watching myself masturbate and have sex with others in front of a mirror. I will admit that even after multiple recording sessions, I still am self-conscious listening to myself. However, I love watching J!
I’ve also recorded a group sex session for J’s birthday and done a few other encounters with other male partners on camera. These are J’s favorite pieces of porn to watch (no lie!)
Here’s my advice for recording yourself:

1. Trust your partners with whom you are recording.

And negotiate rights to the recording before you start!
Have a discussion about where the recording is allowed to go (on the computer but not emailed to anyone, or maybe you’re comfortable sending it to certain people) and what will happen to it if and when you are not in a relationship.
Will it be deleted? Do you trust this person/people not to spread it maliciously if and when you are not in a relationship?

2. Use a high-quality camera.

The camera you use should have good battery and large memory capacity. You don’t want your camera shutting off after 15 minutes if you want to record a longer session.

A nice camera will also pick up softer sounds and have excellent image quality.

“If you’re nervous, keep the rest

of your environment the same.”

3. Make sure you hit record!

This may seem obvious and stupid, but make sure you know how to start recording on your camera. I made the horrendous mistake once of not starting the camera when I thought I had, and I missed a good 30 minutes of super hot fucking.

4. Position your camera well.

You don’t want to just capture calves and feet or just heads (unless that’s your intention, of course). Make sure to frame the area you are going to be having sex in, and if you move around to a very different place in your space, move your camera as well.

5. Keep your environment as normal as possible.

If you’re nervous about recording, make sure to keep the rest of your environment the same – lighting, music, bedding, etc. Don’t drastically change your sex cave just because you’re bringing a camera in.
Don’t try to fuck in bright lights with no sexy music on when a dimly lit room with Portishead playing is what you like and are used to.

6. Use a tripod.

Tripods work really well for capturing your whole scene as though a camera isn’t present.
If you don’t have a tripod, try playing around with point of view (POV) recording. It will give a different tone to your recording, but it’s raunchy and hot in a different way.
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