7 Blogs That Will Drastically Improve Your Night Game

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7 Blogs That Will Drastically Improve Your Night Game

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Few blogs actually manage to capture the essence and spirit of the night. Things change once the sun goes down, especially in the dating world, but these nightlife blogs can be your guide.

Bragging Rights: supplement site from The Chicago Tribune

From dating and food, to music and dancing, Red Eye Chicago keeps time with the fast pace of the Windy City. If you want to stay up to date on the hot spots, you’re in luck because new club openings are given the full treatment. There’s also a section for upcoming concerts and a breakdown of each nightclub in the area, which will definitely help you find the person of your dreams. With an active social media presence, Red Eye also offers online dating through How About We.

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Bragging Rights: passionate and informed contributors

At NY Nightlife is a blog that gives credit to the giants who built some of the best nightspots around. Topics include what makes a club fly, which bar closed and more with the help of interior photo spreads that document the countless locations. Bonus: The hosts offer VIP tours of the top clubs so you can choose which one is right for your style.

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Bragging Rights: elevating nightlife culture

The Nightlife Cultural Initiative works to take nightlife (and inadvertently your dating life) to a whole ‘nother level. New York City artists and academics work together as board members of the blog, all to cover the clubs, concerts, exhibitions and dining options available in one of the greatest cities in the world. They offer a serious look, if not a scholarly one, of The Big Apple after dark.

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Bragging Rights: hungry for parties

Tasting the New York City night scene “one lick at a time,” these self-acknowledged nerds in a jock’s paradise break down the party beat. Frequent updates and photos bring the city to life, from smokey dance floors to upscale cigar bars. They always keep track of openings and closings, but they also tell you who’s attending. Now you’ll be able to set your eyes on a special someone right away.

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Bragging Rights: wit, wisdom and wicked heels

At this blog, our host Tamara Shayne Kagel takes a hilarious look at what drives people out at night, how they succeed and why they fail. Pieces like “10 Ways to Distinguish Yourself from a Hooker” and “What’s Wrong With Today’s Men?” look at how confusing some of the scenes have become. The content offers great insight from a true insider.

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Bragging Rights: a party animal’s guide

Since the site launched in 2011, the team at Notes On Nightlife has logged hundreds of blog entries devoted to dissecting New York City nightlife. They track the real party people, as well as which club they picked on which nights (important if you want to be where the crowd is). Music styles, dance floors and clientele are also given close attention.


Bragging Rights: firsthand experience

Rob Fitzgerald is the authority behind Standing On the Box. He’s a longtime editor who left a publishing job to turn his attention to sites about New York City’s premiere nightlife establishments. He’s a leading voice in understanding the full scene, or scenes, and practically serves as an archivist of the dives that didn’t make it.


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