7 Dating Experts You Need To Follow On Twitter

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7 #Dating Experts You NEED to Follow on Twitter

Hayley Matthews
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When you really think about it, Twitter is ideal for dating advice. It’s fast, brief and mobile. Like a digital Cyrano de Bergerac on your phone, these experts provide the techniques and insights needed to truly master your game.

Each expert was selected for their style, approach and consistency, as well as a proven ability to shed new light on the subject.

Bragging Rights: never misses a dating scoop

This feed built its massive following by routinely offering interesting, funny and all-too-shareable content related to sex and dating. Readers are kept in good spirits with enthusiastic, optimistic and very informative links. Photos, art and multimedia also are utilized to paint a fuller picture.

Social clout: 1.65 million+ followers


Lori Bizz


Bragging Rights: the author of “Find Love in Less Than a Year”

Lori Bizzocco’s Twitter is widely followed – and for good reason! This public relations heavyweight became her own boss as a writer and quickly found a growing audience. She links to amazing information related to all things dating and the powerful psychology often at work behind many of our romantic choices.

Social clout: 20,600+ followers

URL: https://twitter.com/loribizz

Bragging Rights: be the change you want to see in the bedroom

Life coach Reid Mihalko backs up what he preaches with informed articles and insight related to the modern dating experience. His videos offer great ongoing tutorials, while his Twitter feed is a non-stop well of information and tips.

Social clout: 19,300+ followers, 3,976+ likes


Bragging Rights: the tweets you want to read

Following in the literal footsteps of sex educator Alfred Kinsey, this researcher from Indiana University always wants to understand the “why” in why it feels good. Bringing a scientific approach and a lust for passion, she tweets on the most interesting, maddening and even counterintuitive data from researchers, life coaches and the everyday players.

Social clout: 17,900+ followers


Solo At 30


Bragging Rights: a roller coaster ride to living love

This 32-year-old host has lots of wisdom to offer. She’s also a powerful storyteller who says she is relearning the art of being vulnerable without being naive. All of her tweets are chasing that elusive white tiger – true love. She brings sarcasm, wit, news updates and scientific research to her arsenal for a truly well-rounded diet.

Social clout: 3,468+ followers


Bragging Rights: adventures of a NYC single mom

From New York City, this single mom blogs on a regular basis, balancing romance with the priorities of raising a child in a huge metropolis. Dating with kids is an entirely different sport, and this host tackles every inch of it. Her content and multimedia are carefully selected and always on point.

Social clout: 1,727+ followers


Bragging Rights: food + dating = awesome!

This San Francisco-based modern woman launched her Twitter feed to chronicle her going on 50 food truck dates. From there, it grew into a regular stream of dating advice, jokes, street smarts and an ongoing rallying call not to devalue yourself on the dating market. Bonus: Content is always lively and unapologetic.

Social clout: 1,523+ followers, 583+ likes


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