9 Best Therapists

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9 Best Therapists

Hayley Matthews
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Whether you need relationship tips, marital advice, or bedroom pointers, there’s a whole host of relationship therapists who have dedicated their lives to finding out just how to make you and your significant other happy.

These nine therapists, relationship experts, and educators will take your love knowledge to the next level.

Fawn Weaver is all about being a wife — but in a way she believes isn’t portrayed in mainstream media. She is a successful careerwoman and values her marriage as a part of her whole world and life, but it isn’t her entire identity. She created the Happy Wives Club as a resource for women who view marriage in the same light she does. About.com and Stupendous Marriages both dubbed it a top marriage site, and we think it’s pretty cool too.

Social Clout: 878,000+ Facebook likes; 19,500+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @happywivesclub

URL: happywivesclub.com

Tracy McMillan has been to relationship hell and back again, and now she details her experiences in columns and books about love. She is wonderfully blunt and has earned respect for telling it like it is. She once wrote an article titled, “Why You’re Not Married,” which is Huffington Post’s most-viewed article ever and was voted a Top Ten Opinion Piece of 2011 by Time magazine. If you’re looking for a non-sugarcoated outlook on life, Tracy can provide you with a relationship reality check.

Social Clout: 88,900+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @TracyMcMillan

URL: tracymcmillan.com

Famed sexologist and relationship expert Logan Levkoff has dedicated her life to making relationship and sex conversations comfortable and natural. Her approach begins as learning and respecting your individual being, and then relaying that into your personal relationships. Levkoff holds seminars for organizations and schools and writes a column for the Huffington Post. For a more in-depth look at her philosophies, check out her her assortment of sex-centered books.

Social Clout: 18,600+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @LoganLevkoff

URL: loganlevkoff.com

Dr. Ava


This self-described “Loveologist” is a certified sex counselor and author. Dr. Ava  founded “Loveology University,” an online resource for love coaching. This L.A.-based love mentor offers a host of services you can use even outside of California. There are audiobooks, eBooks and slideshow courses. She also offers private counseling and speaks at seminars.

Social Clout: 15,000+ Facebook likes; 13,200+ Twitter followers

Twitter Handle: @dravacadell

URL: avacadell.com

Lauren Streicher is all about sexual education. She is an associate clinical professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern University, has detailed her findings on TV and is regularly cited in national magazines. Her perspective as a gynecologist has served as background in her books on love and sex. She also has a clinical practice in Chicago as well as a blog dedicated to similar expertise.

Twitter Handle: @DrStreicher

URL: drstreicher.com

NYC-based Diane Spear offers counseling and psychotherapy services to help clients find joy and determine their good life. She offers a variety of services, including marriage counseling and couples therapy. Spear has availability in person and over Skype or the phone.

URL: dianespeartherapy.com

Jean Fitzpatrick specializes in all things relationships, from marriage to infidelity to having babies. Her goal is to bring a fresh, stable perspective to your individual situation. She appreciates how no single person approaches love and relationships in the same way and isn’t afraid to try creative approaches and solutions.

Twitter Handle: @therapistnyc35

URL: therapistnyc.com

Husband and wife Paul and Evelyn Moschetta are NYC-based marriage counselors and therapists with a variety of couples and family services. They have been married for 30 years, so their approaches are grounded in decades of experience. Whether you need help creating trust or recapturing the romance of the honeymoon phase, the Moschettas will help you find stability again.

Twitter Handle: @DrsMoschetta

URL: marriagehelp-newyork.com

Irina Firstein is a licensed individual and couples therapist who takes a big-picture look into personal relationships, recognizing how significant physical and mental health can create stable bonds. She helps couples feel more connected to themselves and each other.

Twitter Handle: @TherapistNYC

URL: nyccouplestherapists.com

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