A Clever Way To Pick Women

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A Clever Way to Pick Up Women

Elizabeth Cole
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As we walked through the men at the casino with my two girlfriends, this cute little Mexican girl stepped in the middle of our path with her camera.

“Can you take a picture of me with my guy friends?” she asked. “Sure!” Sonia said.

I could feel the intense stares from the men. We snapped the picture and walked away. Then we walked over to the bar and ordered a glass of wine.

As I turned around, the little Mexican gal stood there looking up at us.

We’ll call her Rose Maria.

“How are you girls tonight?”

“Fine,” I said, wondering her purpose for following us.

“I was supposed to spend time with one of my guy friends, but he ended up bringing me here with his friends. I feel strange being the only girl. I miss my girlfriends tonight.”

“I would feel the same way.”

“Can I hang with you girls for while?”

“Sure!” I let her in like I’ve known her forever.

We spoke of the pool party we had both attended at the casino earlier. We chatted about our day jobs, and she stayed with us for a while, making a connection.

After we got comfortable with her, she said, “Hey, do you girls mind coming with me just to let my guy friends know where I am and that I’m OK?”

“You mean I just got swindled

by innocent Rose Maria!”

“Sure!” I walked over to them with her.

One guy went to the bar as we walked toward them. He brought us back fireball shots. We all raised and clicked our shot glasses together.

“Cheers!” They downed the shots like professional drinkers while I intermittently took little sips.

“Drink it!” one of them said to me.

“I’m not a big drinker.” I stated.

I watched them look at each other. The one who was consistently staring had to be in his 20s. I would’ve been his cougar, but that’s not me. I was drawn to the older guy, the one who bought the shots who was 39.

“How long have you lived here?”

“How old are you?”

“I have a son. It’s so hard. I use to be depended on, but now it’s hard to get a dinner with him. He has his own life. He doesn’t call Dad anymore.” He kept talking about his dynamic with his son. I kept listening.

After he got comfortable with me, he said, “You know her coming up to you was a setup to get you over here. I wanted to talk to you.”

“Really?” I asked.

I was shocked!

“Wow, it worked like clockwork. I so fell for it,” I said.

“I don’t even know her that well. She came with a friend,” he said. “We call her Rose Maria”

“You mean I just got swindled by little, innocent Rose Maria!” I proclaimed.

He laughed, “Yeah!”

I looked for her and she was gone. She disappeared with the guy she was with.

To be continued…”How to Lead a Guy Into Chasing You in a Club Setting.”

Photo source: justpickupgirls.com.