Acre Resort Delivers Bespoke Vacation Experiences

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Los Cabos Oasis ACRE Resort Delivers Bespoke and Serene Vacation Experiences

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Written by: Chloë Hylkema

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The Short Version: ACRE Resort is an upscale resort nestled in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo. The resort is relatively new to the bustling tourism scene in Los Cabos and was founded by a pair of Canadian business partners in 2014. Since then, it has developed into an all-inclusive sanctuary offering distinctive accommodations and tailored amenities, like pickleball and daily yoga. The destination is perfect for sophisticated weddings of any size and offers unprecedented experiences with the natural landscape of Los Cabos.

The southern tip of the Baja California Peninsula is known for its natural beauty and luxury vacation spots, complemented by gorgeous beaches and a picturesque landscape. About 20 miles separate San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, and these two highly sought-after vacation destinations are often called simply Los Cabos. 

San Jose del Cabo is often characterized as the laid-back counterpart of Los Cabos, offering a traditional and charming Mexican beach-side town experience. The historic city center has colorful, colonial-style buildings, stone-paved roads, and streets often adorned with papel picado, the traditional Mexican decorative craft made by cutting elaborate designs into sheets of tissue paper.

acre logo in beige
ACRE Resorts is a 25-acre Los Cabos oasis.

ACRE Resort, which is nestled in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo in 25 acres of greenery, offers this one-of-a-kind Los Cabos experience. ACRE presents tailored and unique experiences to guests through its stellar food, beverage, lodging, and amenities. Couples planning a destination wedding in Los Cabos will find ACRE presents an experience like no other on the peninsula.

Jessica Blachut is the Wedding and Events manager for ACRE, and she took some time to tell us about the resort and what it offers couples needing a getaway – whether that getaway includes a wedding or not. “The whole property is really geared towards that kind of romantic vibe,” Jessica said.

Finding a Home in San Jose del Cabo

The story of  ACRE Resort begins in 2014 when Cameron Watt and Stuart McPherson purchased 25 acres in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo. The Canadian business partners had visited Los Cabos and fell head-over-heels for the landscape, culture, and people. After this first visit, the pair found themselves never wanting to leave. So they didn’t.

After a couple of years of construction, ACRE’s first offering, a restaurant and cocktail bar, opened in 2016. As the bar and restaurant grew in popularity, Cameron and Stuart began to incorporate a large event space perfect for weddings. Since 2017, ACRE has hosted all kinds of wedding ceremonies, from so-called micro-monies with under 30 people to large-scale events with hundreds of guests.

exterior of acre
The resort began as a restaurant and bar, adding more amenities as its popularity grew.

With the addition of a large event space, ACRE started to have more visitors than ever before. Large ceremonies would bring troves of people to their tranquil environment. While nearby accommodations were easily-accessible, ACRE wanted to level up to provide on-site stays tailored for hitched couples and their guests.

Soon enough, towering tree houses were seamlessly integrated into the nature-forward feel of ACRE. The tree houses were designed to be camouflaged into the palm trees they call home. The tree houses are described as sophisticated and earthy, offering an overnight stay like no other.

In 2014, Stuart and Cameron chose the property ACRE now sits on for various reasons — among them were the palm trees. The property they bought was one of the few areas in Los Cabos that had palm trees as part of its native vegetation, so it only felt right to incorporate them into ACRE’s amenities. 

acre resort pool
ACRE Resort is on a plot of land in the foothills of San Jose del Cabo where palm trees naturally grow.

By 2020, ACRE had expanded into what it is today. Along with the tree houses, restaurant, and bar, the resort offers villas for rent, pickleball and tennis courts, daily yoga, and body treatments, among other amenities. The resort is dedicated to constantly improving to better suit the needs of its guests. Jessica and the whole team understand why guests would seek a place like ACRE Resort – for a vacation like no other.

Villas, Treehouses, Animal Sanctuary, and More

ACRE’s restaurant and bar are considered the heart of the resort. They were the first additions to the property when it was purchased and remain indicative of what ACRE is all about. The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a focus on farm-to-table ingredients and connections to the cuisine of the Baja California peninsula. 

The breakfast menu features cold options, like a fruit and yogurt meal and an acai bowl, with dates and homemade granola. There are toast options for every sensibility, from avocado toast to the classic French toast, which ACRE prepares using banana brioche and yuzu foam. Lunch offerings include appetizers, dishes with the day’s catch, and larger dishes perfect for sharing.

acre garden
The 25-acre campus includes an organic garden.

Dinner serves up plenty of family-style dishes, including the shareable Tomahawk with a variety of grilled veggies, sweet potato puree, and delectable Brussels sprouts. ACRE’s beverage program is built around craft cocktails and an extensive wine list. Cocktail options include the Fluffy Bee, an expert combination of Bombay gin, Drambuie, aquafaba, and bee pollen. The wine list includes sparkling, white, red, and dessert wines, available by the glass or bottle.

ACRE Dogs is the resort’s on–site dog sanctuary and rehabilitation center. Led by team member Rachel Watt, ACRE Dogs is home to dozens of rescued strays and their litters. ACRE guests who love dogs, or are missing the fur baby they left at home for their vacation, can lend a hand at the sanctuary during their stay.

In addition to ACRE Dogs, a variety of other animals call ACRE Resort their home. The animal sanctuary cares for donkeys, pygmy goats, and free-roaming peacocks, among other wildlife. Animal-guest interactions are encouraged, and guests can visit the sanctuary behind the mango orchard daily to learn about the animals and how they are cared for.

acre treehouse
The treehouses are situated among the palm trees and bring next-level romance.

The spa is located in one of ACRE’s tree houses and offers guests a holistic experience founded on relaxation and rejuvenation. Many spa treatments were designed for two people, which means couples can enjoy the experience together. ACRE offers signature massages along with spiritual massages.

These represent the basic amenities that ACRE offers. Guests can also enjoy organic cooking classes, accessible beach shuttles, and as many games of pickleball or tennis as their hearts desire. 

ACRE Was Designed With Weddings in Mind

Inspiring beautiful wedding experiences has always been at the heart of ACRE’s mission. When the resort first began to experience growth in the mid-2010s, it was due to many visitors expressing their interest in tying the knot in the natural surroundings ACRE calls home. The resort developed around this focus on tailor-made wedding experiences.

ACRE offers venues — like the outdoor space surrounded by the mango orchard — perfect for weddings. The wedding venue can host up to 350 guests, and wedding packages include food and beverages from its award-winning restaurant. ACRE employs a team of wedding and event specialists, which means couples who chose ACRE for their nuptials will be supported every step of the way.

Couples who want a small ceremony or elopement will find that ACRE’s ambiance was designed for romance. Many couples choose to enjoy their honeymoon in one of the treehouses, which Jessica described as exuding a “fun and romantic and sexy vibe.” ACRE can accommodate larger wedding parties, and many couples will find that everything they need during their stay is on the resort’s premises.

married couple going down the aisle at acre resort
Many couples choose ACRE Resort for their weddings due to its stunning natural beauty.

Since ACRE is an ever-transforming project to provide the best resort experience possible, Jessica was excited to tell us about an upcoming project. ACRE is building a new event space to be completed in the latter half of 2023. Called Los Agaves, this space is being constructed near the back of the property and will feature its own entrance, bathrooms, and industrial-size kitchen. It was designed for larger weddings and has every amenity needed to make a beautiful ceremony and reception happen, all in one place.

ACRE is committed to serving its guests and its Los Cabos community. Initiatives like the animal sanctuary and farm-to-table food support the local community by bolstering small-scale farm economies and supporting family-owned businesses. ACRE maintains a commitment to sustainability and grows as much of its own food as possible on the premises.

Whether planning a wedding event for the ages or a simple romantic getaway, ACRE Resort presents an unparalleled experience that centers on the area’s natural beauty. It’s equal parts luxury resort and organic outdoor charm. 

Jessica told us she sees ACRE as more than just a resort. She said it’s an all-inclusive experience that focuses on community, sophistication, and appreciation of San Jose del Cabo. “We’ve become popular for honeymoons, romantic getaways, really just reconnection with a partner or with yourself,” Jessica said.