Analog Coffee A Popular Date Spot In Seattle

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Analog Coffee Has Become a Popular Date Spot in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood of Seattle

Amber Brooks
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The Short Version: Seattle singles don’t have to spend a fortune to wow someone on a first date. They can head to Analog Coffee to take their date experiences up a notch and get a good conversation brewing. This old-fashioned, quality-driven coffee house invites people to chill out with a classic cold brew in hand. Analog began as a pop-up coffee shop on Summit Avenue in 2011, and it now occupies a bright and modern café in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

Planning a first date can be stressful because you don’t know how it’s going to go. You could be swept away by an interesting conversation, or you could be checking your watch and itching to leave within five minutes. That’s why many savvy singles choose low-key date spots, like coffee houses or bars, where they can be entertained for hours if the date is going well — but also have an easy escape route if the date is going badly.

According to a study conducted by dating app Clover, 52% of online daters prefer going to coffee shops on their first dates. Such casual spots foster conversation without putting couples on the clock. Coffee shops are also budget-friendly date venues, so daters don’t have to splurge on a meal every time they want to meet someone new.

Photo of an Analog Coffee sign

Analog Coffee is a neighborhood hangout where couples can find a respite from the everyday.

If you’re single and living in Seattle, you have plenty of coffee houses to choose from — there are about 843 coffee shops in the densest zip code in Seattle — so you don’t have to go to the nearest Starbucks for a good time. You can class up your first dates by choosing a locally owned coffee shop that serves unique brews.

Analog Coffee offers a stimulating environment where people can chat quietly over a quality cup of coffee. Analog specializes in cold brew, which it serves on tap, and the fresh coffee flavors really pack a punch and wake people up. Analog’s strong drinks can energize couples on a date and help them keep their wits about them as they get to know one another.

“We wanted to open a modern coffee shop where the focus was on customer service, drink quality, and community,” said the Analog Coffee team. “We tried to create a shop where the menu was simple and the focus was on the coffee.”

Savor Cold Brews & Chill Vibes

Analog owners Tim Hayden and Danny Hanlon were baristas before they decided to open their own modern coffee shop in Seattle. They started making handcrafted cold brews by slowly infusing coarsely ground coffee in small batches. It took time to do this, but they were committed to making a quality drink. Their pop-up coffee shop opened in January 2011 on Summit Avenue. They served coffee at a small counter in the morning and then worked on constructing a real, stationery coffee house during the rest of the day.

“Many of the regulars we still see every day started by visiting us at our little makeshift coffee set-up,” the owners said in an Instagram post. “We’ll be forever grateful.”

Photos of Analog's baked goods

Analog Coffee sells fresh baked goods in addition to its classic cold brews.

Now Analog Coffee occupies a sleek, minimalist space in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It’s open from 7 a.m. until 6 p.m. every day, and many couples stop by here to enjoy casual dates packed with personality.

Many young professionals, students, artists, and musicians live in Capitol Hill, and they enjoy having a cool spot where they can sip a cold brew and have a quiet conversation. A majority of Analog’s customers are in their 20s and 30s.

Analog’s menu changes with the seasons, but it’s always full of flavorful, strong, and locally sourced coffee. Whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up or a rich, slow-roasted brew, you can count on Analog to strike just the right balance.

“Our cold brew is very popular on sunny days, and right now we also have a special hibiscus cold brew soda on tap that we make in house,” the Analog team told us.

Analog has become a beloved neighborhood staple with many people starting their days with a cold brew and a croissant from the café. Daters often take advantage of this unique place to give themselves a treat while meeting someone special.

“We plan to keep making the best coffee that we can and serving the community,” said the Analog Coffee team. “We are always getting new coffees in, so the menu is always changing. And we always have a few surprises up our sleeves.”

A Friendly Staff Makes People Feel at Home

Analog Coffee brings people together and invites them to try coffees from around the corner or around the world. The team makes coffee “the analog way,” which means every cup is made with love the traditional way. They don’t cut corners or skimp on ingredients. These café aficionados know how to maximize flavor and harness the coffee bean’s caffeine power to satisfy coffee lovers of all types.

From the organic milk in the cafe lattes to the finely ground espresso beans, Analog Coffee really pays attention to the details to create a perfect brew every time.

Photo from Coffee Analog's Facebook page

Analog Coffee’s team never tires of making coffee for the community.

The Analog leadership team chooses team members with care because the staff is the heart and soul of the coffee house. It’s their smiles and craftsmanship that make Analog Coffee so special. Analog’s team takes pride in its work, and many staff members have been with the coffee house since its early days.

Analog’s owner said they’ve been fortunate to have smart, funny, and reliable staff members to support the coffee house’s quality-driven mission. Everyone brings their own flavor to the team as they work together to make exceptionally delicious drinks. These friendly team members welcome regulars and newcomers every day, bringing an upbeat and neighborly spirit to the café.

“Analog is the true gem of Seattle,” said Jafar Fallahi in a Facebook review. “I haven’t found another place that compares to its quality and charm.”

Over the years, the Analog team has been uniquely placed to watch people grow and make a life for themselves in Seattle. Some couples went there on a first date, and then kept coming back throughout their relationships.

“It feels incredible to be accepted and embraced in a community,” said Analog’s team. “We’ve seen customers change jobs, meet the love of their life, and even have kids who grow up through the years. It’s pretty special.”

Analog Coffee Gives Couples a Fresh Start

Where you choose to spend your first date says a lot about who you are and what you want. It’s important to send the right signal to your crush and let him or her know you’re a person with discerning tastes and a unique sense of style. After going on several dates at Starbucks, it can be refreshing to break up the standard dating routine by visiting an upscale coffee house like Analog Coffee.

Photo of a cup of coffee made by Analog

Couples can stay grounded by planning fun yet casual dates at Analog Coffee.

Analog Coffee sets the mood with soft music, fresh coffee smells, and an all-around friendly vibe. You can relax while the baristas whip up delicious cups of coffee that go the extra mile to impress. These strong brews and pour-overs keep people coming back for more, and it’s hard not to get addicted to the wonderfully rich flavors.

Whether you’re hoping for a quick meeting or a long conversation, you can start crafting a stimulating romance at Analog Coffee in Seattle. This community hub gives coffee lovers something they can savor in good company. It’s a memorable place to have a date and get a new relationship percolating.

“Analog Coffee historically has always been a great place to meet people,” said the Analog team. “Our focus is to make people feel welcome and at home. Nice people, great coffee, great music on the stereo — seems to us like a fine environment for a date.”