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Are You a Love Zombie?

David Wygant
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Recently, I was in a South Beach hotel hanging out. I decided to check out the in-room movies, and there was this movie called “Warm Bodies.”

I had a look to see what it was about, and it turned out to be the story of a zombie falling in love.

I was thinking, “Zombies in love?”

I’ve seen many zombie moves in my time, “Dawn of the Dead” and “Evil Dead” to name a couple, and all the zombies in those films want to do is eat you! Isn’t that how they survive? By eating humans?

Well, there was nothing else on, so I gave it a look.

Honestly, it was one of the best movies I’d ever seen – mainly because it made me realize most of us walk round like zombies all our love lives.

That’s right. All of you are walking around thinking about what to say when you see a beautiful woman.

You see her standing there, and in your head you say, “I’d really love to talk to her. She’s hot. I’d love to get to know her. ”

But you still don’t make a move!

You just walk past her like a zombie, not knowing what to do or say. You don’t take any action and you don’t feel anything.

This movie had so many deep meanings. I’m not going to ruin the story for you because I think all of you should see it.

It’s so accurate in its depiction of the way people think and mate in the world.

I will give you one little spoiler: It’s love that makes the zombie come back to life again.

“Guys have no clue how to communicate

with women, so they throw out grunts!”

Think about that for a moment.

Think about how you feel in your own life. Why do you want to meet a woman?

Most of us want to meet someone so we can fall in love. We want to have a girlfriend. And we want someone to share our lives with.

Sure, you may be thinking sexual terms when you first meet her, but in reality, most of you want to meet somebody so you’re no longer alone – so you no longer feel like you’re walking through life like a zombie.

One of the fun things about this movie is the zombies didn’t know how to talk to each other.

They just grunted. They did all they could to get their message across with their limited communication skills.

Isn’t that what you do with women?

So many guys have no clue how to communicate with women, so they throw out these stupid pickup lines or grunts!

It was amazing how much this movie reflects so many of my clients’ own lives.

How many times do you feel like a zombie when you’re out meeting women? How many times do you try to think of something funny to say, and then you end up just grunting at them?

Guys, check out the movie “Warm Bodies.” It’s fantastic. It might open you up a bit and make you realize you’ve been walking round like a zombie your whole life!

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