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10 Best NYC Dating Coaches of 2023

Chloë Hylkema

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Chloë Hylkema

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Dating in New York City has long had a rep for being a little tricky. While there are a lot of different hypotheses as to why dating in the Big Apple is so hard, one seems to garner seemingly unanimous agreement.


There’s just so many people!

Almost 8.5 million people live in New York City. If just one-fifth of that population is dating, singles have a dating pool that’s swimming with over 1 million singles. Dating is hard, and living in New York City can make it a little bit harder.

Dating coaches use their expertise to help singles navigate the ups and downs of dating. Coaches can help singles with all things dating, from making a stellar online dating profile to deciding what they want.

The Awakened Lifestyle | Anna Morganstern | NYC Wingwoman | Art of Dating NYC | Craft of Charisma | EZ Dating Coach | Jay Cataldo | Karenna Alexander | Julianne Cantarella | Elite Man Blueprint 

The Awakened Lifestyle helps singles learn the art of connection and meet amazing people in everyday places. John Keegan is the founder of The Awakened Lifestyle. He’s a world-renowned dating coach who helps singles connect through spontaneous and creative social interactions.

The Awakened Lifestyle encourages singles to step away from online dating and connect with people naturally. John offers coaching for men and women through The Awakened Lifestyle. Single men can choose between the four-day transformation course, which helps them build confidence and learn what women want, or the Mastery Course, which includes one-on-one coaching from John.

More About The Awakened Lifestyle

  • Led by renowned dating coach John Keegan
  • Focus on creating in-person connections
  • Extensive online dating advice video library 

Best for: Single Men Tired of Online Dating 

Anna Morgenstern works with her clients to help them identify the obstacles that have kept them from finding love. As a dating coach, Anna reviews each of her client’s past relationships and finds patterns that need to be broken to enter a fulfilling, long-term relationship. With Anna, singles take action and make their greatest dating wish come true.

Anna’s coaching style encourages her clients to really think about who they are and what they want from dating. She encourages clients to reflect on their past mistakes in romantic relationships and decide what they would do differently. Next, she has them think about who they are looking for and where they would meet them. Anna takes the guesswork out of dating in NYC and gives singles the room to simply enjoy it.

More About Anna Morgenstern

  • 5+ years of NYC dating coaching experience
  • Helps her clients discover the love they desire
  • Deep knowledge of NYC singles and daters

Best for: Real Life NYC Connections

NYC Wingwoman helps clients go from “dateless to desirable.” Cher Gopman is the NYC Wingwoman, and she’s interviewed hundreds of women and studied countless man-to-woman relationships to help singles make the best dating choices. Cher says she thrives on helping nice guys find great relationships.

The ideal client for the NYC Wingwoman is a man who really wants a girlfriend but struggles with nerves when speaking to women. He could be struggling with repeated rejection or a series of unsatisfactory dates. The NYC Wingwoman helps her clients find their confidence and learn how to approach women in a comfortable and effective way. Cher uses her professional expertise along with her intuition as a woman to give her clients the best advice.

More About NYC Wingwoman

  • Led by Cher Gopman
  • Focus on helping men make in-person connections
  • Helps her clients learn dating-focused conversational skills

Best for: Single Men With Dating Anxiety

Art of Dating NYC is a dating coaching service that elevates smart, successful, and strong women to find their partner. The typical Art of Dating client feels that all the good men are taken and may be experiencing burnout from juggling too many dating apps. They may have given up on finding a great partner in New York City due to how exhausting the ordeal can be.

Art of Dating NYC helps women work through the dating issues that have caused them trouble in the past. The group’s dating coaches help women reflect on what they need and desire from a life partner, and what has stopped them from finding that in the past. Art of Dating has endless knowledge for single NYC women who are at a dating crossroads. 

More About Art of Dating NYC

  • Led by dating coach Eunice Hong
  • Focus on helping women find the man they’ve dreamed of
  • Helps women set standards and stay true to themselves

Best for: Single Women Tired of No Good Dates

Craft of Charisma has been one of NYC’s top dating coaches since 2008. Since then, the coaching group has worked with thousands of single men to help them reach their relationship goals. Craft of Charisma understands that dating in New York City is difficult, despite how many singles and social events there are in the city.

The typical Craft of Charisma client is a man who is struggling with dating. The coaching service helps men of any age, background, and dating desires who are nervous about approaching women. Craft of Charisma helps its clients gain confidence, learn top-notch conversational skills, and navigate the dating world with poise.

More About Craft of Charisma

  • Led by a team of experienced coaches
  • Focus on helping men build dating confidence
  • Online intensive boot camps set singles up for dating success

Best for: In-Depth Coaching for Men

EZ Dating Coach is made with New York City single women in mind. EZ Dating Coach helps women stop wasting time going on dates that lead nowhere but to disappointment. Mike Goldstein is the founder and head dating coach for EZ Dating Coach. He has an 83% success rate in helping his clients find relationships and guarantees one high-quality date every week for his clients.

While EZ Dating Coach’s expertise is in helping women find high-quality men, the group works with any kind of NYC single, including men and individuals who identify as LGBTQ+. The typical EZ Dating Coach client is a successful and busy professional woman who is tired of dating emotionally unavailable men. With the help of Mike, EZ Dating Coach clients learn to attract what they want from a relationship.

More About EZ Dating Coach

  • Lead by coach Mike Goldstein
  • Services for women, men, and LGBTQ+ folks
  • 1-3 high-quality dates every week – guaranteed!

Best for: Online Dating Coaching

Jay Cataldo understands that the current dating scene can sometimes feel like a disaster. He knows that singles often feel stressed out about their love lives, always worrying about the future and if they’ll ever find ‘the one.’ According to Jay, online dating has changed dating forever, and not necessarily for the better. He says that despite social media, most people are more disconnected now than ever.

Since 2008, Jay has been helping people of all ages and backgrounds attract amazing partners who are dedicated to a lifetime of love and devotion. He helps his clients reflect on their lives and past relationships and identify subconscious blocks that are keeping them from partnership.

More About Jay Cataldo

  • Jay has experience with all kinds of singles
  • 15 years of dating coach experience
  • Expertise in helping singles overcome harmful dating habits

Best for: Singles Struggling with Self-Sabotage

Karenna Alexander is a dating and relationship coach who helps smart and successful singles. Before she started on her coaching journey 15 years ago, Karenna worked as a journalist, following stories in crime and politics. She became a dating coach after having her own dating problems and receiving amazing advice from her own mentors.

Today, Karenna has a passion for helping successful women who are struggling with dating. She offers personalized coaching services that help women unpack their past relationships and identify what they want from dating. Karenna focuses on the areas her client needs the most help in, including mindset, outer appearance, and dating strategy. She helps her clients understand men and learn how to attract the kind of man they’ve dreamed of.

More About Karenna Alexander

  • Karenna has 15 years of coaching experience
  • Coaching helps single women formulate a dating blueprint
  • Variety of coaching options and packages

Best for: Young Single Women

Julianne Cantarella is a Licensed Social Worker and ICF-Certified Life Coach who has spent her
entire career helping people. However, it was in 2005 that her career took a turn, and she began
date and relationship coaching. For Julianne, her passion and purpose is to empower her clients
to take control of their love lives so they can create the relationship they desire and deserve.

With a 93% success rate, Julianne is masterful at coaching her clients. She understands that cultivating a positive mindset, implementing strong boundaries, and developing clear communication is critical to a successful dating outcome. Knowing that everyone is a unique individual, she offers a personalized approach to her coaching that is customized to the specific needs of each client. Julianne offers several programs, from the six-month all-inclusive program to the Breakup Recovery program, which helps singles who have recently experienced a breakup.

More About Julianne Cantarella

  • Julianne is a Licensed Social Worker and ICF-Certified Life Coach
  • 19 years of Date, Relationship, and Life Coaching
  • Married to her best friend and the love of her life since 1996

Best for: All-Inclusive Dating Coaching

Elite Man Blueprint is more than just a dating coaching service. It’s a global community of single men committed to self-improvement and growth. Dante Wolf is the lead coach for Elite Man Blueprint. Dante has over five years of dating coaching experience and has trained over 1,000 men in the ways of dating.

Dante said that dating in New York City is a whole different ball game. According to Dante, women in New York City have so many options it’s difficult for men to stand out. Elite Man Blueprint helps men build confidence and learn how to approach women with ease. Dante keeps his finger on the pulse of NYC dating to make sure his clients have all the knowledge they need to succeed.

More About Elite Man Blueprint

  • Led by dating coach Dante Wolf
  • A result-oriented approach tailored for each client
  • 1,000 of client success stories

Best for: Supportive Community for Single Men

Dating in New York City can get tiring. Whether you’re going on date after date with people who just don’t seem to understand you, or you’re tired of getting routinely ghosted, playing the field is not for the faint of heart. While dating can be exhausting, singles shouldn’t feel discouraged.

There are so many resources out there to help NYC singles gain success, regardless of what kind of dating experience they’re looking for. Coaches are just one of these resources, and they can help you say goodbye to the bad parts of dating and hello to the wonderful world of connection that awaits.